Kickstarter of the Week: Chineasy

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By Aaron Britt
Faced with tens of thousands of characters, someone looking to learn Chinese will be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed. Chineasy, a new system to teach people to read the language, to the rescue! Chineasy uses clever illustrations and memorable graphics to help people learn.

Chineasy founder ShaoLan Hsueh first came to our attention with a killer TED talk, and now she is further developing the idea behind Chineasy, namely that eye-catching and intuitive graphics will help people learn to identify and read Chinese characters. She wants to put the 75,000 pounds she's looking to raise toward creating more characters and bringing Chineasy to market. We love the idea of quickly grasping the characters used to make more complicated phrases and ideas. It's like Legos for language learners. And it doesn't hurt that the graphics themselves are immensely charming.

Here's that TED talk: