Judy Kameon on the Future of Landscape Design
Published by Dwell

Many commercial commissions now go to landscape designers—like Judy Kameon, who has designed spaces for the likes of Balenciaga and Marc Jacobs. When considering the role of the landscape architect versus that of a professional landscape designer, Kameon sees only a few points of difference. “My work has an emphasis on complex plantings, whereas many landscape architects place a greater emphasis on hardscaping.” Unlike a landscape 
architect, Kameon also works as 
the project contractor: “I build all my projects, so it’s a very hands-on, detail-oriented process. I started designing landscapes because I love working in them and making them.” Kameon is referring to the fact that most landscape architects hire landscape contractors to implement their designs. However, unlike landscape designers, architects have the training and skill required to design large-scale, municipal, and redevelopment projects.

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