It's Time to Get Your House Ready for Spring: 9 Easy Hacks
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It's Time to Get Your House Ready for Spring: 9 Easy Hacks

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By and Saida Ayupova / Published by
You don't have to remodel your home to make it look new and in tune with the season.

We love spring. It's not too hot, nor is it cold outside. The nature around is absolutely picturesque. Everything is filled with energy and optimism. It is time to upgrade your home to match the vibrant colors and the mood of spring. Luckily, you can achieve amazing results with minimal effort or investment. Check out a few tips to get started.

-1- Spring cleaning: get it over with

This is perhaps the most tedious part of updating your space, however, it is unavoidable. Start by cleaning every nook in your house that may've been neglected during cold winter months. Clean the carpets, polish the windows, repair broken items and throw away everything that can't be fixed. Make space in your house.

-2- Swap out throw pillows, blankets and bedding.

You will be amazed by how much of an impact an upgrade to these items will have. Put away your cozy woollen and faux fur blankets and pillows and replace them with something out of a lighter fabric (cotton, for example) and in brighter colors. If you are not confident in your ability to perfectly match bold colors and patterns, go with a softer palette.

-3- Add bright colors to items of decor

Whether you want to repaint your candle holders and vases or purchase a new piece of wall art, place a few bright color accents around the room. Spring is about energy, inspiration and hopefulness. Add cheerful colors and whimsical accessories. 

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-4- Maximize natural light

Days are getting longer, the rays of sun are getting warmer and you should take advantage of that. An easy way to do so is to strategically place mirrors around your house. Use them to both visually expand the space and to brighten up the room.

-5- Replace your area rugs

Just like with throw blankets and pillows, area rugs play a big role in the overall vibe of a room. In springtime, it's a great opportunity to balance out more muted furniture with a splash of color.

-6- Add greenery to your space

Whether in the form of freshly cut flowers, plants or a small home garden, bring the nature inside. Don't ignore the design of your vases and pots. Use them as an opportunity to be creative, add fun designs or experiment with colors. Pay attention to the arrangement to make sure they fit harmoniously with the rest of your space. 

-7- Move your furniture around

You don't even have to purchase anything new to give your room a fresh look. Simply rearrange the furniture or a few bigger items et voilà. 

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-8- Think of the scents

Pumpkin pie is the scent of fall. Cinnamon is winter. What scents do you associate with spring? Cherry blossom? Lavender? Perhaps you have great memories associated with spring from that time you traveled to Paris and woke up to freshly baked croissants? Whatever it is, add a touch of that scent to your home.

-9- Don't forget about the outside

It's not just the inside of your home that you should think of this season. There are small things you can do to upgrade the outside of your home. For example, repaint the entrance door in a fresh juicy color for immediate impact. Clean your yard and spend some time gardening. Repaint patio furniture and clean out the gutters.

If you are not satisfied with more superficial changes and are set on completely revamping your space, we can help.

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