Interior Design Ideas For 2017

By Rob Slater / Published by Rob Slater

The year is drawing to a close and this means one thing, January sales are on their way. What better time to update your home, re-vamp your space and add a splash of colour to your life than with the latest interior design ideas ready for 2017.Below are a few of the looks that are must haves for your home in 2017: 

Minimalistic Bathrooms 

2017 is out with the cluttered, overcrowded bathrooms and in with those that are simple, elegant and anything but flashy.Instead of fighting to get to the bath, this year is all about simplicity, statement and de-cluttering. For the perfect look try painting one of your bathroom walls in a dark shade so that it makes the whole room and minimalist furnishings really stand out.Sinks have gone from being bulky and taking up a lot of room in the bathroom to having nothing but a simple wooden structure. 

Cast Iron Radiators

 This might sound like something you would find in an old fashioned house but Cast Iron Radiators are making a comeback. The elegant designs, great efficiency and ability to have them in a variety of styles is making them a must have for your home in 2017. 

With vintage products making a comeback and the fashion statements we saw back in the 70’s being at the forefront of this year’s interior design must haves, it is no wonder Cast Iron Radiators are making a comeback. 

They can be painted in vibrant colours and crafted in different styles so that your lounge, dining room, kitchen or bathroom can truly be re-invented with a little added warmth. 

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Dark Greens and Blues 

With winter here and the dark nights darker than ever it is no wonder that the colours that are in this year are dark as well. Gone are the bright yellows and oranges of summer as navy blues and dark emerald greens become the must have colours for 2017

 If you are thinking of reinventing your kitchen or even your living room to take it from looking old fashioned or worn out to sparkling and brand new then these greens and blues might help. Add a splash of colour with cushions or curtains or even go all out and paint the whole room over. It is up to you! 

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This year velvet has been the must have item for any wardrobe. With skirts, blouses, jackets and even shoes covered in velvet it is no wonder that the craze has seeped into the interior design industry as well.Velvet is here to stay in 2017 and this means cushions, curtains, chairs and even walls full of velvet in a range of different colours. Try adding a little velvet with a cushion in your lounge or a throw on your bed or if you really love velvet you can even get wallpaper with velvet detail.Redecorate, declutter and reinvent your home with the latest trends for your home for 2017.