Inspiring RV Interior Design Ideas
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Inspiring RV Interior Design Ideas

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By Katie la Kapro / Published by Katie la Kapro
Your RV is what you make of it.

Your RV is what you make of it — and with more people turning to smaller spaces to live affordably, those with a knack for interior design are making incredible use of the limited space. By following a few RV-specific decor guidelines and adding small elements of personal touch, you can turn your recreational vehicle into a dream vacation home for you and your family. 

Playing Up Themes 

The new, modern-bohemian interiors of the renovated RV.

The new, modern-bohemian interiors of the renovated RV.

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Minimalism is always the standard design for small spaces, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t decorate your RV with some fun, quirky, or themed decor. The key is to find and implement decor that doesn’t take up any valuable internal space. Colorful door and counter knobs are a great way to turn a standard, boring part of your RV into a pretty and textured room accent. 

Keeping a simple theme can help add some personality to your RV space without being overwhelming. To help the space feel open, RV owners tend to stick to light colors inside, often using white paint to add the illusion of space. If you’re looking to completely renovate your RV, consider painting the inside with a white or light beige paint to keep the space looking open and fresh. Neutral colors will ensure that any accent decor doesn’t clash and allows you to switch up your decor as often as you want. 

Rather than channeling your love of birds or dogs with kitschy porcelain figures, hang a photo of your favorite animals on the walls where you won’t risk running into them. You can also find fun curtains or table mats to decorate with, as long as you stick to one pattern to avoid clashing decor. 

It’s important to treat small spaces like you should treat your closet; if you get something new, get rid of something old. This helps to avoid clutter, but it means that you should pick themes you won’t get tired of if you’re trying to save money. This also means that you should avoid gimmicky decor or any excessively bright colors that you or your family may want a change from. 

Personalize With Accents 

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If you have the space for a small shelf along the wall, consider adding one to use for your plants to keep them from taking up counter space. Plants add some nice color and liveliness to any indoor space, and even a small plant can quickly brighten a room. On a shelf, a plant will fit nicely regardless or what it’s next to and you can use the pot as a decorative element as well. 

Using wall space is important because the floor space is limited and needs to be reserved for standing or walking. This not only helps keep the space comfortable, but also helps reduce the weight of your RV, which can help less experienced drivers avoid accidents that occur when turning or slowing down too fast with an RV that is much heavier than the car you’re used to. 

Although the inside of your RV is what matters most, you don’t have to forget all about the outside of your vehicle. If you’ve set up shop for a few days, add some lights or a fun flag outside to make it feel like home. Just make sure to put everything away before heading home or to the next spot to avoid distractions — especially in the winter, when most of the hundreds of thousands of car injuries are caused. 

With a relatively small budget, you can totally change up your living space in an RV. Small changes make a big difference in tiny places, so invest in some ceramic for the four by four feet of kitchen counter you may have, and an elaborate two by three foot rug for the living room. Use colors wisely and enjoy your new RV interior.