Inspiring flowers for your next interior
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Inspiring flowers for your next interior

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By Lee
If you're looking for some fresh "floral" ideas, turn to Instagram.

Who doesn't like spending an hour or two on Instagram? Posting, liking, commenting. It's become second nature. It sucks you in. There's no end of amazing photos to gorge yourself on.

Even if you're no David Bailey, Instagram proves one thing if nothing else: no matter how bad the original shot, pretty much any photo can look amazing with the right filter applied. Your floppy, butter-drenched toast, your sock drawer, even your wilted roses can become something beautiful again...

Speaking of flowers...

Flowers bring colour, aroma, texture and they connect us metaphorically to nature and other people. The phrase "English rose" for instance is a reference to a naturally attractive English girl or woman. 

Flowers are also powerfully symbolic, so fragile, yet a sign of strength and hope in the face of adversity. The most poignant flower in English culture must surely be the poppy of remembrance. 

Time to sow some seeds

So when you're looking for new ideas for your next interior, or if you just want to freshen up a single room in the house, why not go floral? Be inspired by what you see on Instagram and if you're short on budget, find a way to mimic it, rework it, or dare I say... steal it! If all the best designers look to nature at some point in their lives for inspiration - why can't we?

Here are seven of my favourite floral Instagram posts to get you started...

Wall of flowers by @houseofhackney

I love it. The striking contrast of blue on white, the heavily textured pineapple base and the camouflage lampshades to match! OK. So being this bold with your wallpaper isn't everyone's cup of tea but that's where feature walls come in I guess.

And speaking of being bold...

Why not supersize your florals? Like this curtain from Ellie Cashman.

What I like about this is that when you open and close your curtains, even a fraction, it changes the pattern. Plus, you won't get bored of the pattern as quickly as you otherwise might because you won't see it fully exposed during the daytime.

Chrysanthemum canvas by @michaelangove

This would be easy to replicate at home. There are probably lots of antique canvases to pick up at a flea market so it's affordable. But the thing I love most about this idea is that you can pick up the canvas and move it to another room, bringing a new look and feel to it within a matter of seconds.

Plants on the wall by @canopyhomefashion

Flowers and plants don't have to sit on shelves or in pots on the patio. Hoist them up into the air and put them in corners, nooks and crannies: places you wouldn't normally think to put them. 

And if you don't have time to take care of real ones then go for artificial plants or flowers - no one will be able to tell the difference (because they won't be able to get up there and inspect them!)

And while I am a firm believer in less being more...

The Cool Hunter shows us that we needn't stop at one or two plants. Why not have a stack of shelves or bookcase full of them? Make that your new feature wall instead. And this is where artificial plants and flowers would come in really handy: watering this many would take quite a while.

What goes up...

When you're done fixing things to the wall, turn your attention to the floor. I love these worn out looking tiles. Although I have to admit, I'd feel bad walking all over them. I'd have to hop, skip and jump each time I came through the door so as not to wear them out any more - such is the price of fashion!

And last, but by no means least... 

Soft furnishings and accessories can make a huge difference to the look and feel of a place. And they're probably the quickest and easiest thing to change, no DIY or calling the builders required. 

So if you're looking for a way to give your home or single room an instant makeover, replace the cushion covers, buy new crockery and change the photos in the frames - keep it simple!


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