An Exquisite Beach Resort on Baja California Sur Lies Where the Water Meets the Horizon

An Exquisite Beach Resort on Baja California Sur Lies Where the Water Meets the Horizon

By Anna Squier
Hotel Mar Adentro, located in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, designed by Miguel Ángel Aragonés, is a boutique resort that sits harmoniously at the intersection of desert, ocean, and horizon.

With a combination of beachfront villas and condos, guest rooms, restaurants, shopping areas, lounges, and spas, this boutique, upscale resort is a sleek, modern design on Baja California Sur. 

With white travertine floors and muted, modern furnishings by Poliform, this restaurant at the resort is all about the view of the ocean and the sensorial connectivity to it. 

The restaurant creates an illusory reflection on the adjacent pools of water.  By unifying the palette of materials in the structure, cladding, and furnishings, Miguel Ángel Aragonés renders the built forms as a single, sculptural entity floating on top the water. 

The elegance of the structure comes from its sensitivity to the place. The architecture is engulfed within the environment as it echoes the horizon line and leaves sweeping ocean panoramas the focal view. Water is the all-important element that surrounds the entire structure. A large reflecting pool is the hotel’s centerpiece. The water is crisscrossed by dark stone walkways surrounded on three sides by a powerful elevation of white volumes that appear to float on the water. 

At the center of the hotel is a restaurant composed of bent steel rods and twigs from local mangrove trees.  The soft, organic form is a formulated contrast to the white, vertical structures that surround it. 

The  intertwining canopy protects the lounge seating and dining areas by Poliform, while the singular opening focuses the view out to the horizon. 

Exterior furnishings by Exeta form an outdoor oasis. 

The white buildings are minimal in appearance, but powerfully innovative in their construct and an inspiring example of versatile, modular construction. Inspired by German and Italian manufacturers in line with the concept of the machine, the architect focused on simplifying the typical complexity of construction. A series of concrete walls form the shell of the buildings, which are fitted with factory-built rooms. In collaboration with Poliform Contract, the entire interior structure was shipped to the site, where it was then assembled by local artisans. 

The white concrete panels appear to float on the reflecting pool.

The simplistic, muted interiors complement the minimal architecture. 

Each room encases a private view of the ocean. 

White travertine floors, neutral furnishings, and soft wood tones allow the emphasis to lie with nature, the view, and the sensory experience of being on the ocean. 

The resort is a sensory experience that allows the residents to intimately connect with the landscape as the horizon shines on the ocean and fades away into the desert air. To book a stay, visit Mar Adentro online. 

At night, the whole exterior is lit in shades of blue and purple. 

Individual lighting controls allow guests to transform their suites into a surrealistic escapes.


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