Innovative Furniture That's Made To Be Played With

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By Modify Furniture / Published by Modify Furniture
Modern Furniture that is designed to be redesigned.

One of the key tenets of good design, per Dieter Rams, is that a product should to be long lasting. With today’s technology advancing exponentially however, most products are on their way to becoming obsolete by the time they hit market. To exacerbate matters, with products now easily mass produced, shipped in huge quantities, sold cheaply, and easily replaced, we have become a nation of "disposable products." This is the perfect situation for superstores that prosper from low-margin, high-volume sales, a highly lucrative model for big business. Only the rest of the planet suffers. With Modify Furniture, we decided to tackle this environmental problem of waste with a new approach.

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The key to a product’s longevity is a combination of structural integrity,  timeless form and function. The Modify mission is simple; to create high-quality modern pieces that are built to last, simple in design, and functionally able to adapt to customers’ changing needs and tastes. The core components of our patent-pending versatile system include 4 elegantly minimalist aluminum extrusions and a fully hidden connector. Together, these components can be used to create endless configurations. Unlike other modular designs with exposed hardware, each Modify Furniture piece created has a clean, minimalist, high-end aesthetic. Adding swappable colored steel doors and a unique interactive accessory line, the Modify Furniture Polychrome Series is customizable, adaptable modern design that’s built to last generations.

Polychrome 32 bureau in toffee, charcoal, seafoam and yield

Polychrome 32 bureau in toffee, charcoal, seafoam and yield

Sustainability, structural integrity, in-house lean manufacturing and local sourcing were all critical factors in selecting the ideal building blocks for the Modify modular system. To offer customers the level highest of customization, we felt the need to have full control over all processes.  With our unique,  proprietary aluminum extrusions, we  create the "scaffolding" that supports shelves, side walls, sliding doors and endless retrofitted accessories. Partnering with local aluminum manufacturers,  a company within the LEED-recommended 250-mile radius, we were able to optimize the design and guarantee that the extrusions would contain a minimum of 30 percent recycled content. 

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 Our  patent-pending connecting system is versatile enough to create infinite configurations yet simple enough for the furniture to be flat pack shipped RTA, saving cost and energy. The Polychrome Series designs can be assembled and disassembled repeatedly, a quality important for today’s on-the-go population. Natural bamboo with hand-polished low-VOC finish offers environmentally friendly shelving components that are safe, elegant and add a handmade, craftsman’s touch to every design.

The beauty of our unique web-based designer app is that we can provide people the tools to easily "create" furniture that satisfies their needs while at the same time offering them the unique experience of taking an active role in it’s creation. Being a part of this process gives our customers a true sense of connection with, and brings life to an otherwise conventional, inanimate object.  

Modify Furniture Designer app

Modify Furniture Designer app

That's just the beginning. The Polychrome Series is designed to be reinvented even in the home. Colored sliding doors are easily removable so a customer is free to create and recreate his/her furniture on a whim. The versatile design is perfect for the changing needs of a growing family. 

 Beyond the ability to change colors, the Polychrome case goods and desk are designed with the innovative Invisibin™ Storage and Drop-in Accessory Line, which allow customers even more versatility. Invisibins™ are storage boxes that drop into the furniture's top surface, offering easy access to small items while minimizing clutter.

Polychrome Desk

Polychrome Desk

 The customer can then opt for powder-coated steel lids to create a perfectly flush surface or choose some of our bamboo routed Drop-in Accessory Lids that add flare and function to the work surface. Examples of drop-ins include the ever-popular Desk Caddy, which functions as a cord-managing and mobile device cradle, our Weedgarten planter for those who are inspired by a touch of nature, or the Milk-n-Cookie Tray, perfectly carved to hold precisely one serving of America’s favorite chocolate sandwich cookie and a glass of milk. The beauty of removable drop-in accessories is that they can be easily redesigned and swapped out to adapt to the latest and greatest device on the market, all without affecting the furniture.  

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For the more adventurous, we offer truly one-of-a-kind designs with aluminum sublimated art and photography embedded onto the sliding door system. The Modify "After Dark Series" is a perfect example of how artwork incorporated into the furniture can not only create truly unique designs, but also provides a new canvas for collaboration with both aspiring and established artists in the community.  

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All of these options are merely a click away, but  some clients truly want to get their hands dirty. With the Drop-in Accessory Line, customers can create their own components that fit seamlessly into the Modify system. With commercially available mini-CNC routers, home model 3D printers and laser cutters, customers can create their own accessories. In our "Modifications" collection, we highlight pieces designed by local artisans, furniture makers and students. It is a great platform for makers of all ages to share their creations with friends, family their social media community. The very mission behind Modify is to encourage creativity and sharing "Modify Hacks" are what we, as a company strive for. 

Post-n-paper Drop-in accessory by Amanda Anderson, Pratt School of Design

Post-n-paper Drop-in accessory by Amanda Anderson, Pratt School of Design

 The Modify Furniture Modular System offers a new platform for the creative culture. Welcome to the next generation of modern design.