Increasing Property Value Prices with Good Landscaping

Increasing Property Value Prices with Good Landscaping

How great, edible landscaping can increase property values up to 28% + bring urban, residential communities together.
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Whether you’re looking to rent or buy a single family home, condo or apartment, there are multiple interior factors that consumers look for. Yet there’s now a new wave of exterior demands that potential residents are adding to their wish lists: namely agrihoods. These are simply agricultural neighborhoods where companies, like Farmscape are bringing the community together by literally dangling carrots as enticement. 

A stunning kitchen, vast living room and en suite bedroom used to be the deciding factor or whether to sign moving -in papers. But among the urban scene, where gardens are lacking or barely maintained, city dwellers are now grasping for home environments that offer a unique set of rooms with views. Farmscape creates beds of vegetables and fruit within the landscaping, and their hands on farmers work with the residents in growing crops in the back yard, resulting in a produce aisle in their own garden. 

Yin & Yang of Work and Home Balance 

Pending geographical size, Farmscape can also introduce orchards and vast, multiple farming bed landscaping. As a result, the urban influx of residents now views edible gardens as paramount as a fridge ice machine or state of the art alarm system. Working harder with longer hours at the desk, these residents look to completely break away from the office environment when they return home. They are craving to connect more with their agrihood neighbors, digging in their garden beds in the evenings and weekends as a throwback 50’s-70’s lifestyle replica to de-stress. Cell phones, tablets and flat screen TV’s are discarded as residents are driven to a more focused, productive non-office objective: enjoying the produce of their labor to store in their state of the art fridge for that evening’s diner. 

 Green Finger Property & Eco Booms 

Good landscaping can increase property prices by five to seven percent while excellent landscaping (such as edible gardens) can accelerate valuations to around 28 percent. Not only is the financial value an eye catcher, yet mature trees and well designed gardens can cool homes during the summer while forming a natural wind break during harsher winter months. They filter pollutants out the air and aid in natural water irrigation. With the west coast parched in recent year’s droughts, water restrictions have proven to prevent lawn upkeep. Exotic plants thrive in these local environments though. They need little water or maintenance. The same applies with edible gardens that sustain at a higher natural rate than traditional national plants and flowers. 

Collaborating with developers, contractors and architects from the conceptual stage, Farmscape can integrate orchard trees, fruit and vegetable beds and even (space permitting) vineyards. The sought after urban farms have also been extremely well received by neighbors who see the accumulative local property prices increase by the unique landscaping benefits of these developments. As a spin off, locals have seen the great eco and property valuation benefits of Farmscape, so the business has expanded to create edible beds in neighboring single family homes. 

The days of planned communities being frowned upon, by being perceived as interfering with the visual aesthetics of a community, now enjoy extremely positive effects: dually for accelerated property prices and a more community driven environmentally friendly city culture.   


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