Ideas for designing your Dream Bathroom

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By Awais Ahmed / Published by Awais Ahmed
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Here we are taking a look at the best designs to turn your normal bathroom into a dream bathroom.

One of the biggest types of bathroom that is becoming bigger and bigger over the past few years is a "high tech bathroom". There are quite a few things you can purchase to take your normal bathroom to the next high-tech level. Below we have added some of the best upgrades money can buy. 

 • Digital Spa Experience

A digital spa could be order of the day if you are looking to turn your bathroom into a "futuristic" looking room. A Digital Spa can be operated either by a remote control or a great looking LED wall pad. The idea is to add your profile and each time you step into the shower, it will blast you from the power jets depending how intense is your preference is with the exact temperature you set the Spa to. A must have shower for those looking to have a "high tech" bathroom. 

Chromatherapy Bathtub 

For those looking for something even more visually stunning, why not take a look into a Chromatherapy Bathtub

These bathtubs are integrated with 10 LED lights that can change color depending on your mood giving the user a true therapeutic experience. If you are looking to relax and bathe in high tech then the Chromatherapy Bathtub could be an upgrade you are looking for.  

Smart Body fat Scale 

Which bathroom doesn’t have a weighing scale these days? 

Not many for sure. If you are looking to upgrade your bathroom to the new digital age then it will be imperative to have the latest Body Composition scale and not something looking like it was made in the 80’s.

The latest models all look really modern and even futuristic, not to mention how great the devices are at monitoring much more than your body weight automatically, normally to an online application where you can keep an eye on your results over time. This upgrade is really cheap and looks great.  

• Waterproof Sound System

Now you have all your upgrades and you want to add some little touches to make your high-tech bathroom complete. What better add-on could there be than a Waterproof Sound System to relax listening to your favourite tracks while releasing the stresses of the day? There are quite a lot of wireless speakers currently on the market especially designed for bathroom upgrades, so it will be a good idea to check them out. 

• TV Medicine Cabinet

If you really want to push the boat out and make your bathroom looking like something from the future, then why not add A TV Medicine Cabinet. Connected to the mirror is a small 5 inchtv screen allowing you to watch the news or weather while you are grooming!  

The electric cabinet has MP3 outlays to allow you to wirelessly connect your speakers via Bluetooth and play your download list to it. If you are looking for the "wow factor" then the TV Medicine Cabinet could be the ultimate digital upgrade.