Ideas For Creating A Beautiful Landscaped Garden

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By Cormac Reynolds / Published by Cormac Reynolds
Creating a beautiful landscaped garden takes planning, care and love – however it can pay off hugely in the end and result in a fantastic space for you and everyone else to enjoy. If you’re short of ideas, I’ve come up with some – so read on.

Use Flowers To Create An Inviting Space

Few things can transform your space like flowers. Greeting your guests with beautiful blooms can help make your home seem more inviting. Bright pops of color from a variety of different flowers can beautifully accentuate your entryway. Even something as simple as installing a charming little fence at the front of your yard that you can plant flowers along can dramatically improve your home's curb appeal. 

If your home is located extremely close to the street, the fence can give the illusion that your front yard is larger than it really is while at the same time allowing you to maximize your use of flowers, shrubs, and greenery. 

Conceal Unsightly Outbuildings

Do you have a rundown shed or an old garage that isn't doing much to enhance your landscape? If so, you may be able to use plants to provide camouflage. Hanging baskets of flowers from the outside of these buildings can help make them much more attractive. 

The eye is naturally drawn to the bright colors of the flowers, making it easier to overlook things like chipped paint or outdated architecture. If the structures have windows, consider adding shelves just underneath the windows. That way, you can set potted plants on the shelves to add even more beauty to the display. 

Create A Welcoming Driveway

From a curb appeal standpoint, your driveway takes up a lot of visual space. If it doesn't look its best, your house won't look its best. Fortunately, you can easily dress up your driveway through the use of clever landscaping. Try adding a short hedge down the side of the driveway. 

Alternatively, you can plant flowers or shrubs in a narrow bed next to the driveway to add color and visual interest. This can help create a softer, more welcoming look for your driveway, helping it to enhance your home's curb appeal. That way, when guests drop by for a visit, the first things that they will see are the beautiful plants that line your driveway. 

Vary The Height Of Your Plants

If all of the plants that you put in your garden are the same height, it can give a flat, boring look to the space. Instead, you should make sure to choose plants in varying heights. From groundcover plants that hug the soil to hanging baskets that float high above the ground, you can add color and visual interest to every level of your landscape. By layering plants throughout the space, you can create a soft, beautiful look that is reminiscent of old cottage gardens. 

Raised beds and hanging planters are great ways to add height to your landscape. You should also look into shrubs and ornamental trees as a way of further enhancing your space. Again, these plants offer a convenient way to add varying heights to your landscape so that you don't wind up with a flat, uninteresting space. Here are some tips.

Use a Water Feature

Water can be such an amazing addition to a garden space and really provide a focal point in an outdoor area. Additionally, it can be such a relaxing aid and it’s sound can really help to help you chill out. 

Water features for outdoors can really add an extra element to the garden space and help lift it to be greater than the sum of its parts. Many also tend to use these fountains for relaxing and meditation. Well worth considering. 

Consider Flowering Shrubs

Flowers can instantly change the look of your garden, making it much softer looking and enhancing its visual appeal. Adding flowering shrubs or trees to your landscape is a great way to bring a bold pop of color into the space. Shrubs like the Chinese Snowball are a wonderful choice since their flowers are so eye-catching. This shrub's white flowers grow in clusters the size of softballs, creating an absolutely stunning display. 

Best of all, you can control the size of the shrub through pruning, meaning that you can keep it compact or allow it to grow freely, depending on how small or large you want it to be. If you let it grow naturally without pruning, it can grow as tall as 20 feet. However, if you keep it trimmed, it will stay much more compact, making it the perfect solution for filling in a small corner of your garden.