Icynene has become a standard choice for versatile, nontoxic insulation that molds to slight incongruities in the building envelope and never off-gasses.

Icynene can be sprayed or poured depending on whether it’s being applied to new or existing structures. The water-based liquid releases no chemicals or fumes during or after installation, but must be done by a professional due to the fast-acting nature of the product.

Watching Icynene expand into place looks like a scene from a sci-fi flick. The installer wears a white suit, head covering, and mask, and sprays fi ne mist from a tank, which instantly mushrooms out to 100 times its volume, solidifying into white billows that then get trimmed off easily with a metal file. The lightweight material is 99 percent water, and formaldehyde-free, so waste is minimal and nontoxic.

With standards for indoor air quality growing more stringent and the increasing popularity of programs like LEED for Homes, Icynene stands out as a model of effective, efficient, safe insulation that goes in quickly and stands the test of time

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