How to Style Your Apartment (Without Losing Your Security Deposit)

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By Homee
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The designers at Homee, an app bringing ease and simplicity to the home furnishing process, have some thoughtful tips and tricks to get around pesky lease restrictions and set up a space that fits your personal style - without doing damage.

Your "Apartment Vibes" Pinterest board is bursting, but you finally have a move-in date! It’s time to turn this blank canvas into your home sweet home, filled with every little bit of you. 

Unfortunately, confusing leases and strict guidelines can cramp your style with rules against everything from painting and hanging to the smallest of updates. Long, wordy agreements often scare renters away from DIY personalization, and rightfully so - security deposits are a big chunk of change! 

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to easily personalize your space on the cheap, without making any permanent changes. 

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One for the Books: 

A picture says a thousand words, but a book brings way more to the table. Bring your favorite books on move-in day to bring memories, knowledge, and decorative cover art into the new space! Mix and match stacked books of all shapes, colors and sizes to create an eclectic coffee or accent table, and entertain your guests. Top off the stacks with a unique flea market find to give it that extra something something.

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Hat Trick: 

Dust off those hat boxes hiding under the bed and create a gallery wall of sun hats and berets. The project will free up some closet space, fill an empty wall with color, add dimension to the room, and express your unique style with a few ‘no mark’ hooks.

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Get the Green Light: 

Bringing another living thing into your humble abode will add personality and color, and a little bit of Mother Nature for those lazy Sundays spent in bed. Cacti and other succulents are low maintenance roommates, but if you’re up for it, arrange some fresh flowers to make your space smell good too!

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Pillow Talk: 

Mixing and matching fluffs and puffs on and off the couch will bring in new accent patterns, colors and materials to the space. Play around with pillows that bear a different pattern or color on each side, and let your mood dictate the style of the day.