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 As much as I love living in the city, I am not a fan of experiencing the tiny bathroom blues. You’ll bear me witness that apartments in the city are infamous for housing bathrooms the size of a tiny closet. For the fortunate ones who find a semblance of a normal-ish size, they often make you feel claustrophobic. 

The chief constraint has to be a lack of space for expansion. Take homeowners, for instance; they have the autonomy to knock out walls, set up Jacuzzi tubs and most importantly plow into walls to put in shelves for storage. Hardly any apartments offer the liberty to make changes to the rooms. The most autonomy I have ever exercised was changing the bathroom design to all white. Sure I have to call in total home cleaning a woman-owned business to keep it spick and span, but I relish the freedom of room alteration to fit my needs. So this inspired me to be a bit creative in the space department as well. Here are ways to make your bathroom feel bigger.

Fit in large sized mirrors

Fit in large sized mirrorsFitting in large mirrors will make the bathroom feel bigger by making the walls look stretched. You can further capitalize on this by mounting light fixtures above the mirrors. It will help create a reflexive effect which in turn swells up space. 

I drew this idea from a boutique I frequently visit. They had capitalized on lighting on mirrors to make customers look their best when trying out clothes. I took the same concept to my bathroom, and it did wonders.


Another way to go about this is by taking functionality into account. I champion for the use of a minimalist approach in this regard. The more stuff you have, the smaller your already tiny bathroom feels.Start by keeping your bathroom gels, hair and beauty products to a minimum. Only have necessities as opposed to nice-to-haves. In the off chance your necessities are more than t most folks, you will be better off arranging them in baskets then placing them under the sink. If you have drawers and cabinets, then even better, place all the clutter there. 

You can also make the most of your door by using its back as storage. If you’re still looking for space, you can go further by using inside doors of your cabinets as storage space as well. Be creative and search for areas that can double as storage space.

 All White Design

Another way of getting rid of that cramped feeling without swinging sledgehammers is by going white. Fit in white tiles, a white bathtub and most especially white walls. This will give the room a bigger feel especially when coupled with the trough size mirrors and the minimalist approach. 

It is all thanks to depth perception. The bright light color will increase sight lines in a 360-degree angle. You can use a few black and gray tiles as well if you are looking to add a bit of visual interest. Just be sure not to overpower the white.  

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