How to Maintain a Minimalist Home

By Laure Joliet / Published by Dwell
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Maintaining a minimalist home definitely has benefits. Among them: less 'stuff' to take care of, less storage needed, less money spent on things and the freedom to use your home the way you really want. But if you aren't already living that way, it can seem daunting to make the switch to a simpler life. The Zen Habits Guide to Minimalist Living can get you started.

ZenHabits is a great productivity/simple living/start creating habits that help you live a fulfilling life kind of blog and in their beginner's guide are their tips for Maintaining a Minimalist Home. Far from requesting that you purge all sentimental belongings, the tips guide you to fill your house with quality over quantity of belongings, to spend time editing and eliminating with some concrete advice like clear the surfaces in your home. The best though is the last tip: sit back, relax, and enjoy.

See all the tips (and a persuasive argument for simple living) on Zen Habits.

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