How To Install A Home Audio System With Remote Control Access On Your Own?

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By David Webb / Published by David Webb

Gone are the days when having to install an audio system was considered to be the expensive and complicated procedure. 

But now, thanks to all these simplified systems that have been introduced there is not much for you to do. Setting up a home audio system has never been easier; you can now easily install speakers along with remote control access throughout your entire house without having to exploit your budget. 

Know that what what you are required to do is to buy the components, run the wires all along the room, have the speakers and the controls mounted in their places and lastly just plug-in all the hookups.

What you must do:

The first thing that you must be doing is identify where you plan on keeping your components. You need to make sure that the placement of each component makes it easier to access the system throughout the rooms. 

Make sure to have the panel distribution hub located on a wall in such a room from where it is easier for the wires to reach every other room. 

Remember you’ll need an electrical outlet in order to power the transformer, see if you can have it placed near the audio system only. 

Have the keypads mounted near the light switches also see that it is easier to wire fish from the panel to the speakers. They must also be in the line-of-sight so that you can have a remote control access.

 You can have your speakers mounted in walls or in ceilings. for a better sound production make sure to place your speakers at least a foot from the ceiling, make adjustments bearing in mind the position of the listener.

 Check for obstacles:

When cutting holes for keypads and speakers make sure to check the wall for any obstacle beforehand! Mark the frames with some colored tape and then have a stiff wire pushed through the drywall to see whether there are any obstacles such as cables, wood blocking and etc. 

Try to avoid exterior walls since they’ll be packed with insulation. Once you are confident that nothing is blocking your space, you can then use a template cut according to the shape of the speakers and have it cut out. You will then place the wires first and then have the boxes mounted. 

This would be easier for you to reach the wall and to grab the tape.Run one of the cables from the distribution hub to each of the keypad location. You’ll also run one of the cables from the distribution hub to the modular jack that s located near to the audio equipment. 

And then finally run the speaker cables from the keypad to the speakers. Connect the wires and double 

check these connections:

Connecting the wires is easy, just simply remove a small section of the plastic sheathing, then untwist the pairs of wires, you will then punch down the wires onto the keypad connectors. 

You don’t need to bother about the wiring order there are instructions and indications written on the connectors. You’ll see small icons that color coding on them. Simply line up each of the wires with its matching icon before you punch it down. 

Use the same technique to connect the wires to the distribution hub and at the modular jack.Lastly, connect your audio source to the module. You can then connect any audio source to the module. 

When connecting the receiver, plug the RCA cable and enjoy any audio source that is connected to the receiver. 

 For remote control access, stick the flasher in front of the components’ infrared receiver; don’t get confused instructions are usually available for you to follow. 

Once everything is done, you can then enjoy your home audio system with top quality speakers easily. Double check all the connections, and that is it your audio system is good to go!