How To Find The Best Tradesperson for your Project

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By Cormac Reynolds / Published by Cormac Reynolds
As your parents have probably told you, personal recommendations are very important. Therefore when hiring and using a tradesman, make sure that you shop around to find the best deal. You can do both of those things very easily and quickly on the internet. If you go to numerous sites and post your job there, you will easily and quickly get multiple quotes from various tradesmen.

You will also be able to see whether or not these tradesmen have recommendations from former customers who have used them in the past.

You will be provided with instant access to a large network of tradesmen with ratings so that you can be very confident that the tradesman doing your work is going to take care to make sure the job done is right, since each positive rating they receive helps them grow their business further. 

The following are some tips to help you choose the best tradesperson to do your job. 

Get familiar with the tradesmen you are considering working with. 

Whenever you are dealing with different tradesmen, take some time to learn more about them as well as the services that they provide. 

Ask them the following questions

1.How long have you been working as a trades person? 

2. Do you have insurance to cover property damage? 

3. Do you guarantee your work? 

Make sure to have a written and signed agreement with the tradesman you are going to work with that spells out what they are going to do, what they won't do, how long the work is going to take, when they will begin, and your agreed upon price. Be very wary of any adverts in directory listings or that come to the door that just have a telephone number. 

 Make sure that there are full contract details for your tradesperson, including company name, their name, physical address, landline and mobile numbers, email address and whatever details you might need for tracking them down just in case ever have a guarantee claim or dispute. Always avoid any fast-talking tradesman who comes to your door and claims he just happened to be in the area. Don't let anyone pressure you into allowing them to do any work for you. 

How To Choose The Tradesperson

 Just like anything else, the best price doesn't always mean the best value. Make sure you weigh all of the benefits of working with various tradesmen and compare. How much experience does a tradesperson have? Can he guarantee the level of quality of workmanship that you want and required? One good way to get started on the process is obtaining multiple quotation. It is easy to receive multiple quotes with tradesperson sites.

Be sure that your written job requirement is detailed enough so that every trademan will have a good understanding of what your needs are. Otherwise your quotations might not be comparable. If you include photos it will make things easier on the tradesmen, however it isn't required that you do this. After a tradesman agrees to provide you with a quote make certain they have all of the information that they are going to need and be sure to ask them for a firm price. 

Be sure you fully understanding everything that is included and whether their price includes sales tax or not. 

If it's a particularly heavy job then you will want to ensure they will follow all health and safety protocol - so they will wear safety boots like these here, if working from a height have harnesses and also that they and their staff are well trained.

Select the quote that provide the best value for your money. However, make sure you consider any previous rating that other clients have posted in regards to their reliability, value and quality. 

Don't work off of gut feelings - don't hesitate to ask the tradesman for any other details about previous work they have done for other clients and follow up with the references to make sure you are satisfied that you have selected the right tradesperson to hire. 

When to pay for the work

In terms of payments, there are a couple of simple rules that you should follow and common pitfalls you will want to avoid. 

 Don't ever pay the full amount in advance. Also avoid paying large up front deposit. On longer jobs, come to an agreement on a schedule of payments and ensure that the payment you make at every stage is a reflection of the progress that has been made. 

Always retain part of the total payment until your job has been fully completed. On completion, be fair and pay promptly once the work has been completed to your satisfaction. 

There are a variety of reasons why you might end up needing to revise your agreement - you might decide to change your requirements or your tradesman might uncover some unexpected problems.

For each payment that you make ask them for a signed invoice. Keep all of your receipts and invoices. Always pay the company and not an individual builder.