How To Easily Keep Your House Fragrant: Smelling Fresh And Amazing.
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How To Easily Keep Your House Fragrant: Smelling Fresh And Amazing.

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By David Webb / Published by David Webb

Having guests over but worried about your house not smelling good enough? Mentioned here are some tips that you can follow to make sure that your house smells amazing and fresh when you have guests over! It's all about keeping it fragrant in the best way possible!

Water, citrus, and herbs

For a fresh citrusy scent, you should make use of the stove and a few herbs. In a small saucepan, simmer some water. Then put in slices of any citrus fruit, like lemon along with herbs such as mint or lavender. 

As the mixture heats up, the sweet scent will start to waft all over your place, making it smell fresh and clean.

Double check the garbage disposal

If you notice a scent that is lingering even after using air fresheners and various scent diffusers, you might want to look at the sink.

Read this excellent post on 10 best essential oil diffusers. 

 First, put a few drops of lemon dish soap in the disposal, then allow the water to run before you switch it on. 

Alternatively, you can run lemon rinds through the garbage disposal as well along with a sufficient amount of water. In the case where the smell still remains, pour half a cup of baking soda with warm water.

Use candles in a strategic manner

It is common practice to use candles to ensure that your house smells good however placing candles in clever places increases the efficiency. In other words, you should place candles in the least expected places without lighting them up. 

One example is the linen closet, or somewhere you keep fabrics because fabrics absorb scent really quickly. So, when you open your closet, you'll get a wave of fresh smell, and your clothes will carry the fresh scent everywhere you go. 

One kind of candles you should consider are the unstoppable candles that produce a scent that lasts longer.

Make use of plants

Indoor plants do not only beautify your house they purify the environment around them as well along with providing a pleasant fragrance. 

This is why you should consider putting pots around your house. For the best scent, experts suggest Cuban oregano, eucalyptus, Arabian jasmine, geraniums, corsage orchids, and gardenias. 

You can keep these plants in your living room, the kitchen, study, and even in bathrooms.

Use air vents to spread the scent

You can attach a car deodorizer to the metal slats of the air vents. When the air blows through the vents, the fresh scent will spread all around the room.

Put lavender in pillow casesTo make sure that your bedroom always smells nice and fresh, you should put some fragrance in your pillow cases. To do this, you should dip a cotton ball in chamomile or lavender and put it in the pillow case for a subtle yet calming fragrance. 

 Deodorizing powder for carpets

People often overlook carpet fibers thinking that they can't trap unpleasant smells when in fact the truth is that carpets are one of the biggest sources of unwanted smells. If you can't make your own deodorizing powder you should buy one from the store and sprinkle it on the carpet. 

After a few minutes, use a vacuum to get rid of the powder. This way, you don't only remove hair and dirt from carpets you also get a fresh and light smell.

Air out the rooms

Airing out the rooms can also do wonders when it comes to making your house fragrant. No one likes that weird stuffy-air smell. 

So, open all the windows in a room and let fresh air and sunlight come in and work their magic.  

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