How To Choose The Right Flooring

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By Cormac Reynolds / Published by Cormac Reynolds
What type of style will match up to your home?

The Space

What is the shape and size of your room? Is your room dark and features few or no windows or is it sunny and bright?

Lighter floors will make rooms feel spacious and are able to brighten up the darker areas in your home. The mid-toned materials are able to add warmth into spaces. 

In the case of many suppliers, you are able to order samples and then test these out in one or more rooms at various times throughout the day to view how lighting will look against your chosen choice. 

What do you plan to use this room for? 

 View some of the room-inspiration pages we have on display in order to gain a better perspective of which types of floors will work out to be the best solution in your house. 


Do you like the look of stone, wood or perhaps something entirely different?

The wood designs usually include a classic-staple such as oak, but if you prefer a look that is more unusual consider Tigerwood, Ignea, Hickory or Elm.


What are the colors that feature the most in your existing décor, or what colors are you interested in incorporating into a newly designed area?

Natural colors are very easy to match with fittings and furniture and the natural designs maintain a great look even when you decide to update or change your furniture or wall colors as the years go by. 


When it comes to flooring options you may prefer wide or skinny wood planks? Or large rectangular or smaller square stone tiles.

The sizes of the tiles or the planks you choose are able to deceive the eye into believing that a space is actually smaller or bigger, suggest John of Conklin Brothers, a flooring store in Dublin, CA

For example the horizontal lines are able to attract the eye into thinking smaller spaces appear longer. If you are in search of way to make your smaller spaces appear bigger go for the wider planks or larger tiles. 

Finishing Touches

If you are a looking for a way to personalize your floors, you may want to consider bespoke features, borders or design strips. When you use a border or design strip you are able to highlight some of the architectural features. 


Are the flooring options going to be for an area that receives a lot of foot traffic such as your entrance hall or kitchen? Or will drink or food spills be a common occurrence like your dining room or kitchen? Or perhaps the floor will be subjected to soap and water such as a bathroom.

If your floors are for any of these room types, you require flooring that is not only easy to keep clean and care for but is also durable. 

Obtain A Few Samples

have you been able to feel or see your chosen products in order to view what the texture and colors look like up close?

Contact A Reliable Retailer

 Once you have chosen the product you would like to use for your spaces. What is the next step?

Make sure you find the retailer that is closely situated to you and ask them to recommend an expert floor layer in order to recreate the look you have chosen for your home.