How to Choose an Industrial Machine for Cleaning

How to Choose an Industrial Machine for Cleaning

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First of all, you have to accept the fact that choosing the right industrial dry vacuums and other floor machines for your business is not an easy task. 

Today the market has almost endless array of various industrial and commercial floor machines. These vacuums and scrubbers come in all possible sizes from very small canister dry vacuums to units over 55 gallon capacity. 

The application of industrial vacuum cleaners and floor scrubbers is in everything from routine clean ups to recovery of valuable materials. Once you start using industrial floor scrubbers and dry vacuums you will see the great benefits these machines have to offer you. 

If you got interested and even consider getting several vacuum cleaners or floor scrubbers for your business then make sure to keep in mind the following things. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the heart of your machines – the motor. 

According to experts in different dry vacuums and other floor machines these units tend to use single stage motors. This characteristic means that the energy spent on scrubbing the floor or sucking the dirt equals the energy spent on motor cooling. Professionals in floor machines say that with such construction you get more possibility of dirt getting into the machine’s motor and so significantly reducing its lifespan. 

So if you have some money, it is highly advised to use two-stage or by-pass motors and floor machines with them. The by-pass motors have the impeller housing sealed and isolated from the motor part. The motor part will have its own cooling fan which has no possibilities of letting dirt into the motor itself. 

Generally these motors are more expensive, but much more reliable.Then you need to consider the overall construction of the floor machine. According to vacuum cleaners experts you should be looking for stainless steel, heavy gauge steel, and aluminum or high-density heavy wall plastic construction for your equipment. Only in this way you can be sure in its reliability and long life. 

As the following step, pay attention to the filtration. The best industrial vacuum cleaners utilize multiple elements filtering. Statistics says that traditional makes oа vacuum cleaners can filter down to the range of 10 to 20 microns particle size.

 You need to look for similar makes in order to be able to clean your premises with the highest efficiency.And finally, you should consider the application of your machine. By this experts in Nobles floor machines mean that you need to decide on whether you need high flow or high lift vacuum cleaners. 

The former are perfect for vacuuming very light, powdery materials such as dust and soot. At the same time consider the level of humidity in the space. If it is high and the dust will become a one unit piece, then for wet pickup applications you should look for static water lift vacuum cleaners.

 If the environment in your space changes frequently then consider both wet and dry pick-up applications. 


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