How Does The Bamboo Plant Stalks Bring Luck For Your Receiver?

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By Simon / Published by Simon
Plants and man have a long lasting relationship since the time civilization flourished. Flora have contributed a lot in the growth of humans not just in terms of cereals, commercial crops, fruits and flowers but it can equally bring luck for you. There are certain plants that are considered as a symbol of prosperity, well-being and luck for people.

It is a good choice to gift lucky plants such as bamboo, money plant and others to your loved ones for their overall development. This blog is a quick guide about how to select the most lucky bamboo plant based on the stalks contained in it and their symbolic interpretations according to the Chinese number meanings.

One Stalk Bamboo Plant

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One Stalk Bamboo Plant

One Stalk Bamboo Plant

The number one in Chinese tradition is associated with the simple or easy things. Similar to the concept of single rose in Chinese, it means truth or commitment. 

Two Stalks Bamboo Plant

Two is an auspicious number in Chinese culture. It represents the phrase "good things come in pairs". So, a two stalk lucky plant can be an ideal gift for the "just married" couples.

Three Stalks Bamboo Plant

This number is associated with birth or life, new things and new beginning. Gift the lucky bamboo plants to your loved ones who are about to make a new start, venture or awaiting the arrival of a new family member. Four stalks bamboo plant- The Chinese often don’t want to include this number in their happy and prosperous life as it is an unlucky number which is linked with death. According to the Chinese tradition, any sequence that starts with this number such as the fourth floor, the fourteen floor or all floors in the forties is usually ignored.

Five Stalks Bamboo Plant

The five stalks of this lucky plant symbolizes wealth. It is really a wonderful gift for a person who is aspiring for a growth in business or prosperity in life. If you know any of your friend who is dealing with a difficult financial situation, gift him/her a five stalked bamboo plant. You can easily find it at your local nursery or can also order bamboo online in an easy manner.

Six Stalks Bamboo Plant

Gifting anything like this six stalked bamboo plant is supposed to bring "luck" for the receiver. Keeping lucky plants like bamboo in your home can create an environment which is full of prosperity, favorable conditions and positivity.

Seven Stalks Bamboo Plant

It is associated with wealth, happiness and good health. Go out to find the one for you or your friends on a small nursery or you can even order online bamboo plant from any site for an improved family life.

Eight Stalks Bamboo Plant

Good luck plants

Good luck plants

Give this eight stalks bamboo lucky plant to help people realize their inner strength and to motivate them for a better life.

Nine Stalks Bamboo Plant

The number symbolizes the good fortune and helps in creating a favorable environment at your home when placed inside.

Ten Stalks Bamboo Plant

It stands for the completion and perfection in life. Keeping a ten stalked lucky bamboo plant in your home can help in fulfilling your future goals and ambitions. So, gifting lucky plants such as bamboo, Hawaiian Ti plant and Money tree can help in transforming the negative energy and aura around the receiver’s home into a positive one. Make these lucky plants a part of your home décor and witness the change yourself.