Hot Tropic
Part 3

Hot Tropic Part 3

Off to Miami’s botanical gardens.
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The next stop on our community list was the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens. Well, to be fair, we tried to stop at The Kampong Gardens, but it was unfortunately closed—so, we got back on the road and headed a bit farther south. Tucked away in what quite literally feels like the jungle—or at least for someone who is from Northern California—we had arrived.

In 88-degree heat, and what felt like 100% humidity, I grabbed my camera and my friend and we headed into the lush 83-acre estate that first opened its doors in 1938. 

And so begins part three of my photo essay.

P.S. Thank you to Daniel Amador & Carl Kruse for the suggestion! 

Soaking in the sun, these guys were scattered everywhere over the 83 acres. 

Into the butterfly room.


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