Planted with three olive trees and drought-resistant shrubs, the roof terrace provides an entertaining space, where Storey often has friends over for drinks and dinner. Storey made the deck out of clear-coated Douglas fir to save costs; it also echoes the cabinets inside, providing visual continuity. “[I wanted] to keep the variety of wood species you use to a minimum,” says Storey.  Photo 9 of 9 in Home and Studio Maximizes Very Narrow Site in Echo Park
The first floor contains the living room and kitchen, which opens out onto a petite back garden and an avocado tree. The kitchen is slightly sunken and has a polished concrete floor, which subtly demarcates it from the rest of the space. Materials in the kitchen set the home's material palette, with vertical Douglas fir cabinets and the same 3” x 6” subway tiles that appear in the bathroom for the backsplash. The Fisher & Paykel dishwasher is hidden inside the island: “I wanted the island to look more like a credenza or piece of furniture,” says Storey.

The wood floor boards in the living room are white pine, a soft wood Storey chose for its knotty look. “The wood dries a lot over time, so small gaps have opened up between them. Because it’s such a simple white space, it’s nice to have that rough warmth and character in the floors.”  Photo 2 of 9 in Home and Studio Maximizes Very Narrow Site in Echo Park
Storey calls this house the “Eel’s Nest,” after the narrow urban properties that go by that name in Japan. Its façade was originally going to be wood, but because of local building codes and the fact the building is built along the edge of the property line, the exterior had to be fireproof. Storey covered it with stucco instead. “I wanted it to look as rough as possible,” says the architect. “Since it’s such a small house, it needed to be tough-looking.”

The workshop at ground level measures less than 200 square feet, but is set up to accommodate any kind of woodworking or welding; when not in use, the architect parks his car inside. Tagged: Exterior, Green Roof Material, Concrete Siding Material, House, and Flat RoofLine.  Photo 1 of 9 in Home and Studio Maximizes Very Narrow Site in Echo Park
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