Guide to Choosing the Right Roof Color

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When it comes time to replace your roof or if you’re simply interested in adding value to your home, consider your roof color before you make that investment.

Roofing experts handle a wide variety of customer questions when it comes to installing a new roof. They themselves ask questions from customers to ensure they get exactly what they want in a new roofing system. Questions like the latest roof design to picking the appropriate roofing material to be used, roofing contractors make sure that homeowners have all of the answers they need to move forward on the installation of a new roof. 

However, one question stumps many homeowners when planning on a new roof:"What color do you want your new roof to be?" 

Let's assume you want to upgrade the value of your home by updating its curb appeal, more often it’s either you bring in a modern exterior siding or install a new roof. If you go the route of putting a new roof then its color will play a crucial role in enhancing the overall roof appearance. Roof color will not only determine your exterior home design, but will also impact your wallet from installation to use. One of the objectives of roofing contractors is to help homeowners decide on which roof color will satisfy their choice of style, upfront budget and maintenance cost and the expected value they’ll get out of such investment. In this article, I’ll give you a few insights on how to go about choosing the right roof color for your home. 

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Dominant Roof Color Around Your Neighborhood 

One step to help you decide on the best roof color is by driving around the neighborhood to see what colors adorn your neighbors' homes. If you prefer on installing architectural shingles, pick out the homes that have the same type of shingles and determine the dominant roof shingles colors. If you’re simply replacing the roof and don’t have plans of installing new sidings, choose which among the dominant colors will make a good match with your exterior walls. There are extensive color palettes to choose from and several roof designer tools available online, go through from one tone to another until you’re happy with your choice. 

Contrast or Complement Your Exterior Home Design

You have two primary design elements that will come into play for selecting the best roof color for your home. You can pick a roof color that contrasts with you home exterior or select one that blends in with the rest of your exterior design. Aside from the color of exterior walls and sidings, you need to look into secondary color elements too, such as gutters, doors and window shingles. If you’re doing a major exterior remodeling, the internet has a ton of home exterior design images you can get inspirations from, you can go from country style to rustic color palettes to contemporary color combinations.

Right Color For The Right Weather 

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There is a reason why we learn at an early age to wear light-colored shirts during the peak of summer. Lighter colors reflect the sun's rays and thus, make us more comfortable than our unfortunate friends that are decked out in black t-shirts. This goes the same with your roof. Perhaps the most important factor in selecting a residential roof color involves matching them with the climate where you live in.If you live in a hot climate and opt for a darker colored roof, chances are your air conditioner will have to work harder to cool your home. Solar reflective shingles, a popular roofing innovation, is a great option to help you choose your preferred roof color and actually save on energy bills. Regardless of their colors, this type of roof shingle has solar reflective granules that can effectively bounce off solar rays and reduce the amount of heat entering your home interior.Dark colored roofs are more appropriate if you live in a cool climate that experiences very cold winters since they can trap more heat which can keep you warm. However, they do a poor job of melting snow. In this case, you may have to ask the help of a roofing expert to evaluate your roof and suggest an added attic insulation or roof ventilation.

Select Which Roof Color is Best 

When it comes time to replace your roof or if you’re simply interested in adding value to your home, consider the above tips in selecting your roof color. However, practically speaking I recommend putting the climate where you live in at the top of the list. 


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