Green Depot Pop-Up Store

The 1,000 sq ft traveling salvage show of sustainability was designed by Mapos, a New York based interdisciplinary office that specializes in concepts and branding of architectural environments. Mapos also designed Green Depot's flagship store in Manhattan, and used that space as inspiration for the new modular shop, or "three dimensional brand experience." Built from scaffolding elements, the easy-to-assemble shop can be arranged and displayed in various configurations that give Green Depot a relatively cheap and flexible way to reach out to customers across the country - from trade floors to public spaces.

The pop-up is a high profile way for the company to continue its mission "to make quality, green products accessible so that green living and building can be easy, worthwhile and gratifying." One of the more notable features of the informative exhibition are Gordo Matta-Clark style building sections that illustrate how sustainable technologies can be integrated into your home. Green Depot's pop-up store will be shipped to Chicago after its stint in Grand Central Terminal's Vanderbuilt Hall.

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