Green and Attractive Exterior Home Improvements

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The way that your home exterior looks has a big impact on its value. So does your home’s sustainability, and how well it performs in terms of energy costs. When the time comes to make improvements to your home’s exterior design, you’ll want to make choices that are both green and attractive at the same time to maximize your return on investment. There are a lot of ways you can make improvements to your home’s exterior; these five methods will help you improve your green profile at the same time.


Your roof plays a major role in how your home both looks and functions. Your roof helps to protect your home’s belongings, and is the first defense against solar gains as well. When the time comes to replace your roof, consider architectural roofing shingles to do the job. Architectural shingles are more substantial than traditional shingles, giving your roof a more attractive appearance. They can mimic the look of slate or wood for a customized look, and are often hail and algae resistant as well, so they require less maintenance and fewer replacements. 

To help make your roof greener, take the time to insulate your roof deck when you replace the shingles. This will help prevent your roof from becoming superheated and transferring some of that heat back down into your living areas. 

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New Siding 

Residing your home can have a big impact on how it appears. Siding gives your home its character, and can help enhance architectural features as well. You have many different options for siding your home, many of which can be made to be a greener option than what you may currently have. 

Outdoor wood cladding is one option that’s attractive, durable, and long lasting. Look for wood that’s been treated to be fire and insect resistant, and insulate behind it to help improve your home’s energy profile. 

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Fiber cement siding is another green material for your external cladding. It doesn’t rot, burn, or peel giving you years of low-maintenance durability. It also comes in several attractive options for style. Be sure to insulate behind it to help improve your home’s sustainability at the same time. 

New Windows 

Windows are major sources of energy loss around the home. Replacing your existing windows with newer, more energy efficient models can help dramatically lower your energy bills, while at the same time helping to create a more attractive exterior design. Windows with double glazing have come a long way and now come in a wide range of different styles and casings, so you can complement your home’s exterior and interior beautifully. Choose windows that work with your home’s architectural style, and that are optimized for the climate you live in to get the best results. 


Your landscaping can’t be overlooked when it comes to both sustainability and the effect it has on your curb appeal. Landscaping can account for as much as 20% of your home’s value, and if your lawn and current landscaping are eating up a large portion of your water bill, consider xeriscaping to help lower your water usage.Xeriscaping is a type of water-saving landscaping that uses gravel and hearty, water-sipping plants to replace your grass and thirsty shrubs. The results are extremely attractive, enhancing the exterior of your home beautifully while at the same time helping to lower your water bill each year.

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Permeable Paving 

If it’s time to redo your driveway or walkways around your home, consider skipping the asphalt and going for permeable paving instead. Permeable paving is quickly becoming one of the most popular exterior designs for improving your home’s sustainability. It’s similar in looks to standard driveway or walkway pavers, but with larger gaps between them and a specially designed sub-base beneath them. When it rains, the water is channeled between the pavers and into the sub-base, where it will be directed away from the driveway area and into parts of your yard that may need it more. With permeable paving, you can help lower your watering bills and help ensure that the rainfall is getting to the areas it needs to, rather than simply pooling on top of your asphalt.Permeable paving comes in a number of attractive designs as well, which can really enhance the way that your exterior looks. 

Upgrade Your Home Exterior 

When it’s time to update your home exterior design, take the time to make sustainable decisions as well as attractive ones, increasing your home’s curb appeal and energy profile at the same time. Many choices for your home’s exterior can be both green and attractive with just a few modifications, making your home more energy efficient, durable, attractive, and valuable at the same time. Consider these five green and attractive exterior home improvements to reap the benefits for your home. 

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