Boulder Holder

Giant rocks excavated from the 

site serve as natural anchors for 

the building’s exterior beams. 

“You can’t dig five feet on this 

property without hitting a boulder,” says Chris. As suggested by the 

couple’s architects, the boulders 

act as a support system, unique 

architectural ornamentation, and extra seating. 

Board Meeting

The unique wall panels are made of HardieBacker cement board from James Hardie. “That’s the material 

I’m happiest with,” says Tanya. 

“I like the way it looks, it’s cool, 

and it works.” Typically used for 

waterproofing beneath floors and 

countertops, the board is perfect 

for combating the extreme rains 

that sometimes pound the house. 

jameshardie.com  Photo 13 of 22 in Grateful Shed