Goth Girl Goes Metal

Goth Girl Goes Metal

Christina Kozak describes herself as a goth girl. Maybe it's not surprising–she's a metalworker, relegated to hot fires and blackened irons. Her shop on Williamsburg's Grand Street is called Mine.
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The Murano glass in her shop is not cobalt blue, but black.

The reality, though, is that Christina is a cheerful, honey-haired arbiter of style who, unfortunately or fortunately, was not wearing black nail polish when I met her. Her store is a playland of materials ranging from white ceramic to dark iron, mohair to glass. Heavy wood tables and wrought-iron beds meet super-sweet handmade pillows and gentle lighting for a masterful orgy of yin and yang. After eleven years as a designer in Williamsburg, the three-year old store is the culmination of one local's devotion to craft.


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