54 Objectively Flawless, Thoughtful Gifts for Less Than $50

54 Objectively Flawless, Thoughtful Gifts for Less Than $50

By Samantha Daly
Spend a little, give a lot. At arguably the perfect price point, these budget-friendly gifts are perfect for friends, family, and coworkers alike.

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Bamford B. Silent Night-Time Pillow Mist
Formulated with calming lavender, peaceful frankincense, tension-releasing marjoram, this pillow mist creates a luxurious nighttime ritual to help you unwind and recenter before resting. Developed for treatments at the Bamford Haybarn Spa in Brooklyn, the B. Silent wellness collection promotes...
Soohyang Candle
Signature pink packaging brings modern, minimalist style to this candle made of biodegradable vegetable wax that burns even and clean, leaving no ash or smoke.   Photo Courtesy of Nordstrom...
Vitra Elephant Mouse Pad
The charming mouse pad by Dutch designer Hella Jongerius, who drew her inspiration from the Eames Elephant, owes its pleasant tactile qualities to the fact that it is fabricated from two layers of premium sofa leather.
HAY Kaleido Tray, Small
Swedish graphic designer Clara von Zweigbergk often begins projects by experimenting with colored paper, scissors and double-sided tape.
SIN Uni Candlestick
We've got a new flame. Made from unglazed terra cotta, this earthy candle holder turns the traditional, straight-and-narrow types on their head. It's an instant eye-catcher, with a coiled, single-legged design (that's where the "Uni" name came from).
BOOKMAN Eclipse Wearable Light Clip
Keep all eyes on you during your morning run or late-night walk with this flashing light that can be clipped easily onto your bag, clothing or even a stroller. Choose between red and white lights that shine bright and can be turned to flash mode for extra eye-catching attention.
Mini Egg Chair Figure
Bring the 1958 Arne Jacobsen icon to your desk space or shelf display with this miniature figure of an Egg chair.
StudioSmall Architectural Greeting Cards, Set of 27
Established by creative directors David Hitner and Guy Marshall, London-based StudioSmall operates under the premise of “doing nice work for nice people,” specializing primarily in the luxury, lifestyle and fashion industries.
Best Made Co. the Carpenter Pen
With nine functionalities—including a level, ruler and screwdriver—built in, this ingeniously engineered pen is a multitasking must-have for everyday use.
Soma Ceramic Mug
A 2018 Design Lab Vessels Award recipient, this simple, beautiful design holds 12 oz of your favorite hot (or cold) beverage. Our leak-proof bamboo lid allows you to travel at ease, double-wall insulation keeps your liquids hot, and drinking from ceramic upholds pure taste – wherever you go. Photo...
Herland Home Scented Candle
What it is: A natural coconut-wax candle handcrafted in central Texas using wild-harvested, organic essential oils.  - Bonfire: For the camper or adventurer, this smoky, woody scent melds amber, clove, patchouli and sandalwood for outdoors-in coziness.
Makabi & Sons Infused Honey Gift Set
A taste of honey (or three). It’s hard to see these pretty jars and not dream about how they’ll look sitting in your pantry (or tied up with a ribbon for gift giving). But wait ‘til you hear what’s inside them.
Jane Inc. Indigo Palms Spa Pillow
The Indigo Palms Spa Pillow is a beautifully crafted and soothing accessory that you can use either warm or cold to give your muscles necessary relief.
Ben Soleimani Cotes Vessels
Cotes Vessels have a rustic silhouette but embodies a contemporary makeover. A wide mouth opening is perfect for a robust bouquet as well as a discreet gathering of objects--keys, spare change, sunglasses, etc. Available in 5 sizes, the Large is only available in white on black sandstone.
Essential Eames: Words & Pictures
Pairing words of design wisdom with classic works, Essential Eames encapsulates the duo's achievements. Charles and Ray Eames are among the most influential designers of the 20th century.
Palmpress Collapsible Coffee Press
Bean me up.  Bid adieu to pods, paper filters, and that I-have-to-run-out-the-door-but-I-need-coffee panic. Made from BPA-free materials and lined so your coffee never comes into contact with any plastic, this press is sized just right for sipping here, there, or anywhere really.
Vitra Alexander Girard 1966 Sun Key Ring
Sure to add a touch of warmth to any ensemble, Vitra’s sun key ring bears the image of a smiling sun – a motif that was created by the American mid-century designer Alexander Girard.   Photo Courtesy of Vitra...
Iittala Origo Bowl
Brighten up any setting with the bright stripes of the Iittala Origo Bowl. While a part of the comprehensive Origo collection, the bowl's variety of colors means that it is easily mixed and matched with other table ware.
P.F. Candle Co. Essentials Mini Candle Set
What it is: These mini candles are hand poured into apothecary-inspired amber glass jars with signature labels and brass lids.  Set includes: Teakwood & Tobacco: Some call it the boyfriend scent, the brand calls it the O.G. Photo Courtesy of Nordstrom...
Palais des Thés Classic Tea Selection (48 Bags)
Just our cup of tea. For whatever type of tea craving strikes, we've got a selection of nine teas perfectly parceled off: each tea bag is individually wrapped in a sealed sachet, while the whole tea leaves are enclosed in large cotton muslin squares.
Aesop Anouk Oil Burner Blend
Simply add three to five drops of Aesop’s Anouk blend to your oil burner and let the calming blend of citrus aromas fill any space. Made using key ingredients of lemon rind, ylang ylang and bergamot rind, this scent is sure to be the perfect antidote to the stresses of daily life.
Kinto Double-Walled To-Go Tumbler (17oz.)
Sip and take.  These bright buddies remind us of a day at the beach, and, hey, maybe that’s exactly where we’ll take ‘em. Each vacuum-insulated tumbler keeps your favorite drink cold or hot for six hours and is made from powder-coated stainless steel for an extra kick of durability.
Le Corbusier's Modulor Rule
In the 1940s master architect Le Corbusier developed the Modulor, a universal system of proportion based on the measurements of the human body and the golden section found throughout nature.
Otherland Rattan Candle
Sandalwood / Amber / Moss Signature Wax Blend  Hand-poured, soy/coconut wax blend  Made in the USA  Premium glassware, wick, and waxsourced from leading American factories  Developed with Master Perfumers  Each scent is crafted to bring its own transformative energy Photo...
MoMA Design Store Set of 12 Rainbow Chopsticks
A rainbow array of lacquered wooden chopsticks offers standout style for your next sushi party.
Rose & Fitzgerald Mugavu Geometric Bottle Stopper
Don’t let a good bottle go to waste. Beautiful and functional, this hand-carved wood stopper creates an airtight seal that preserves your unfinished wine. Each piece is crafted by a group of woodworkers in Kampala, Uganda, making it one of a kind.
Bodha Refresh Ritual Smokeless Incense
What it is: Smokeless incense infused with the clean green notes of petitgrain, violet leaf and frankincense to help focus your mind, body and spirit.  How to use: Place in incense holder and light tip. Once ignited, blow out flame.
Dusen Dusen Set of 4 Cotton Napkins
A reversible two-tone pattern that showcases designer Ellen Van Dusen's love for bold graphics brings an artful touch to napkins made from easy-care cotton. ...
Ichendorf Torre Night Carafe Set
More than 100 years ago, Ichendorf was founded in a small town near Cologne, Germany, where it created ornate objects to meet the tastes of the period. The company changed its aesthetic in the early 1950s to celebrate perfect proportions and purity of materials.
THAT! Inventions Deluxe Ice Cream Scooper
Pushing the limits of efficiency in the kitchen one tool at a time, THAT! Inventions is saving ice cream sundae parties, one scoop at a time  Ice cream straight out of the freezer might as well be concrete—not even Lou Ferrigno could scoop that delicious frosty treat without a little help.
W&P Spice Grinder
When it comes to cooking with spices, the most aromatic and flavorful approach is to grind a small amount of whole spices just before cooking.  W&P's handheld porcelain grinder is a stylish, tactile alternative to electric grinders, allowing you to carefully control the fineness of your...
Dollar Shave Club Ultimate Shave Gift Set
An amazingly smooth and buttery shave is the holiday gift that will save the holidays. Nice work, hero.
Knog Oi Luxe Bike Bell
A low profile bike bell for commuting, road, or mountain biking. CNC machined ringer and brass dinger have a great tonal quality.  Photo Courtesy of Backcountry...
HAY He She It Bath Towel
The He She It Towel series is made in soft, absorbent cotton and features Nathalie Du Pasquier’s intuitive designs woven into each towel. The three have slightly varying patterns that work as a complete set or can be used as singular pieces.
Brooklyn Candle Studio Catskills Escapist Candle
Imagine a tranquil hike in the woods of the Catskill Mountains after an autumn rainstorm, as your feet crunch atop fallen pine needles and the fresh air is flecked with the scent of cedar, cypress, and juniper. Made in Brooklyn, New York with 100% soy wax for an eco-friendly clean burn.
Ferm Living Ripple Wine Glasses - Set of 2
Mouth blown to achieve ferm LIVING’s characteristic geometric rippled surface, these clear wine glasses are perfect for casual drinks in the garden and can also be used as part of a larger dinner party setting.
Yoke + Ayurveda Apothecary Incense
What it is: Incense sticks are hand dipped and sun dried in California. Sacred: Hearty patchouli and sage to bring the best of the outdoors inside.
Chen Chen & Kai Williams Serpent Mini-Lighter Key Ring
Minimalist lighter sleeve from Chen Chen & Kai Williams in collaboration with KARA. Stainless steel. Inspired by ancient serpent silhouettes. Wire key ring at one end. Designed for mini lighters.
Myrth Ceramics Handmade Porcelain Silhouette Mug
A mug and a kiss. Found: a nature-inspired mug that evokes the same sense of calm as your morning cup of tea. Each of these lovelies is hand-crafted from wheel-thrown porcelain clay and then kiln-fired with a house-made glaze to create that soft, satiny finish you see.
Philips Sonicare Protective Clean 4100 Electric Toothbrush
Your Sonicare brush head and handle are the ultimate team. The Protective Clean 4100 is a gentle power toothbrush with a pressure sensor that protects teeth and gums from excess brushing pressure.
Boy Smells Kush, Purple Kush & Les 3-Pack Votive Candle Set
What it is: A small-sized trio of the brand's most popular candles, perfect for traveling, gifting or party favors.  Notes: Kush: cannabis, suede, white musk, tulip and amber. Purple Kush: cannabis, violet, vetiver, cannabis flower and suede.

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