Gifts for Superior Sleep: Holiday 2016

There's nothing better than a good night's sleep – especially after the hustle and bustle of the holiday season – so why not put a bow on it? We've pulled together some of our favorite sleep-enhancing treats to make sure everyone on your list gets the sweet dreams they deserve.
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1. For the InsomniacJam-packed with sleep-inducing and stress-reducing ingredients, this Sweet Slumber Dream Cream is the perfect gift for the person who has a hard time falling asleep. The thick (but not sticky) body cream is made with French Lavender essential oil, chamomile extraction and plant-based Melatonin extraction — and without parabens, sulfates or nut oils. Rad Soap Co. Sweet Slumber Dream Cream 

 2. For Your Freelancing FriendWorking from home requires a wardrobe that’s as comfortable in the house as it is stylish on the street — but that usually doesn’t extend to footwear. That’s why we love Mahabis Classic Slipper – a detachable sole takes these comfy slides from indoors to outdoors in mere seconds. Mahabis Classic Slipper 

 3. For the Meditation NewbieMeditation may already be a part of your routine, but if you have family or friends who are just starting to get into the habit, give them a helping hand with a subscription to a meditation smartphone app. Our favorites all have guided meditations specific to sleep — and most other facets of life. Calm, Buddhify and Headspace 

 4. For the Lady Who LoungesEvery woman enjoys something that makes her feel comfortable and confident, and that’s just what Lunya's sleepwear does. Traditionally, this category has been limited to loose, oversized pajamas or super sexy, skimpy intimates – neither designed to enhance a woman's sleep experience. Lunya has reinvigorated sleepwear, offering apparel that's both functional and flattering. Lunya 

5. For Your Try-Anything ChumIf you only know about sensory deprivation tanks from sci-fi shows like "Stranger Things," you’re missing out. Since the 1970s, float tanks – dark chambers filled with salinated warm water you float in to relax and escape — are said to foster clarity and creativity. Most report that a 60-minute float does wonders for that night’s slumber, but if you’re shopping for a more adventurous type, look into an all-night sleepover session for an unforgettable experience. Depending on your location here are a few options: Float Lab in Venice Beach; Reboot Float Spa in San Francisco; Float 60 in Chicago; Lift/Next Level in Brooklyn

6. For the Person You Share a Bed WithCall this a win win. If you're looking to luck out this holiday, gifting our Down Top Feather Bed to your bedfellow allows you to reap the benefits of the ultimate sleep experience while keeping your partner well rested! Plus, this Topper is filled with sustainable and ethically sourced Down so you can sleep easy knowing you've done good. Parachute Down Top Feather Bed 

 7. For Your Sleep Deprived Co-WorkerWe’re huge advocates of making sleep a priority — it’s key to a healthy, enjoyable and productive lifestyle. But sometimes, it just doesn’t work out as planned. If you have someone in your life who is always running short on shut-eye, a pack of these Need More Sleep pencils makes a cheeky office grab-bag gift. Wacodis Need More Sleep Pencils 

 8. For the Self-OptimizerSleep trackers have graduated from an app on your phone or a wearable wristband. The new Sense from Hello is a voice-activated device (think Amazon Echo) that helps you understand why you slept the way you did. Clip its "sleep pill" onto your Pillow to gather data and learn what you can do to improve your sleep. Bonus: The Sense also controls your bedroom lighting and can play soothing sleep sounds for a good night’s rest. Hello Sense 

9. For the One With Vampire TendenciesWhether it's the graveyard shift or something more sinister, anyone who stays up all night and sleeps all day will die for these modern, light-blocking window treatments. Added bonus: blackout shades actually save energy (and cash) by keeping heat in during the winter and the hot sun out during the summer months. The Shade Store Room Darkening Window Treatments 

For more gift guide inspiration, visit Parachute’s Holiday Gift Guide.


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