Get Your Bedroom In Shape: How To Make Your Space More Organized

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By Cormac Reynolds / Published by Cormac Reynolds
Want to ensure your bedroom is more organised and relaxed - these tips are here to help you do just that.

Want to ensure your bedroom is more organised and relaxed - these tips are here to help you do just that. 

1. Get Multiple Quilts

 You need to have a winter quilt and a summer quilt in your room. As you transition between seasons, get one quilt cleaned while you lay out the other one on the bed. It will then be ready for your next transition.

There are quilts with two sections as well. You can modify the blanket for whatever season you are in, so that you are able to sleep comfortably. 

 2. Make Up Your Bed

 It seems like such a simple step, and it is, but making your bed has a drastic effect on your bedroom. After all, the bed takes up the majority of the available space. If it is in order, your room will seem in order as well.

When your bed looks nice, you are more likely to take care of the other things in the room. And, since the space is clean, it is easier for you to kick back and relax in your space. 

You'll have less trouble falling asleep, and you'll feel better in the morning as a result.

Therefore, make an effort to get the bed in order each morning after you get up. Once you establish a routine, your efforts will become a habit. It won't be too difficult or take too much time out of your day.

 3. Set Up A Personal Oasis

 Your bedroom is your space. It should be kept in order so that you can relax and unwind at the end of a long day. In particular, make sure your nightstand is not cluttered. There are a few essential items that you can store there: a light, a clock and a coaster for water. Other than that, though, there shouldn't be a need for much else (except possibly a reading device). In addition, make sure that you do not leave your clothes all over the floor. Not only will it be hard to find what you need, but you really mess up the feel of the room when you leave clothing out. 

4. Always Keep An Extra Set Of Bedding

 If you can, have an extra set of bedding in each one of your rooms. If you need to use it, you will have it on hand.

For example, let's say your husband is sick. He throws up and some of it gets on your bed. You can't leave the sheets there, so you pull them off to throw them in the washing machine. If you have an extra set of bedding, and you know where it is, you can quickly get the bed back in order so that you can get some rest.

If there is not a lot of space in the bedroom, find a linen closet that will fit all the bedding. Keep it there so that you know where to find it. If you have different size beds, use different colors so that you know at a glance which set you need.

If you really want to be efficient, take one of the pillowcases and put the fitted sheet and regular sheet inside of the case. It's a great way to keep everything together, and you'll be ready to go when necessary.

 5. Make The Space Your Own

 Your bedroom should be decorated in such a way that your personality shines through. You can put up a folding screen, add a unique bookcase, or even display some of your favorite fashion pieces. When you decorate your room in a style that you like, it is easier to relax in the space. 

 6. Have Attractive Storage Options

 If you need to store items in your bedroom, make sure you find attractive holders that look nice in the space. Choose storage containers that you like, so that your bedroom still reflects your own unique style. Sliding closet doors remove the need for swinging door areas and make for more room without taking away from closet space. 

Your bedroom is a place that is really just for you. A few people may get a glimpse into your world, but you should set it up to be exactly what you want. Have fun with it and make sure that you organize the space to be both functional and efficient.