Outdoor-sy Interior Design

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By Homee
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Missing a little something in the corner of your room or in that tiny space atop a bookshelf?

Try a little Mother Nature, and check out Homee 's designer tips on how to do it right!

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Go Green: 

Adding a touch of green can go a long way--making your space feel more inviting and relaxing.  From eucalyptus branches to pots of succulents, greenery will bring the beauty of nature into your home.

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Picture This: 

If taking care of a plant sounds scary (we get it), seek out a photograph or painting of your favorite getaway instead! 

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Flower Power: 

You can never go wrong with fresh blooms in every nook and cranny, but sometimes, there just isn't enough time to get out and pick them. Glancing up at a beautiful arrangement, if even in a picture, can bring both warmth and color to your happy place. 

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Grab a few fall leaves and place them on your wall to add texture and seasonal pizzazz!

Don't let home decor overwhelm you...sometimes, the answer is right in your backyard!