A Riotous Makeover for a Generic  High-Rise Home

A Riotous Makeover for a Generic High-Rise Home

A remodel etches life into a freshly built high-rise apartment.
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Like many new apartments, this five-bedroom unit in Ganei Tikva, Israel, was clean, contemporary, and totally lacking in charisma when its first owners, a young couple with a toddler, arrived. 

Working with interior design firm EN Studio, the family burnished the space with industrial materials and monochromatic colors, including black accents in the communal spaces and more vibrant hues in the bedrooms. The home’s new centerpiece, a shelving unit/room divider made of iron, wood, and bubbly vintage glass, is a functional and sculptural synthesis of the style the residents brought with them. 

The 1,400-square-foot apartment, located in in a 21-floor high-rise, features a custom shelving unit/room divider by Greenbox Studio, which separates the living area and kitchen. 

Dollops of black define the open-plan area, but in the bedrooms, brighter colors prevail. 

A chalkboard wall encourages creative exploration in the child’s room. 

All photos courtesy of Peled Studio



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