THE BARN – What looks from the exterior like a possible renovation project was actually built from the ground up to resemble the traditional barn form, while also incorporating modern and contemporary elements. Said Eric Logan, “In keeping with the rest of the architecture of the compound of buildings there, this needed to be a traditional take on architecture, with the old wood, the gambrel roof form, and the dormers.” The interior expression, on the other hand, is light and airy, with an exposed structural system and floor-to-ceiling glass walls on the upper level. “You ascend the stairway and get this beautiful view of the structure and the contrast of light and dark in the ceiling. Then there’s this incredible exposure from 15 feet off the deck, and the dramatic view of the Teton range beyond.” Photos by Audrey Hall.  Photo 5 of 16 in Guide to 7 Main Types of Roofs and What You Need to Know About Them from Naturally Modern