From Milan: Q&A with Inga Sempe
By Jordan Kushins / Published by Dwell

How many years have you been coming to Salone?
I have been coming to Milan since I was a student, and showing products here for ten years now.  This is Moustache’s first introduction to the world.

How is this year different from last year? Any changes you’ve noticed?
This year, a man on the street actually recognized me! I was in the window installing the pieces and he said, “Inga Sempe?” and I thought, I must know you from somewhere…
What are you most excited about showing and why?
Well, I am not generally an excited person. But, I think as a designer, you always prefer the most recent piece that you’ve finished. I love pleated things, so this armoire is one of my favorites; it’s like an old fashioned closet, with the curtain that pulls aside. This is my first time dealing with all the production rules and specifics, so everything had to be simple, pack flat, and be very direct in how it is made.

What drives you crazy about Design Week?

To me, it’s always a difficult time. There are so many things on display. I use this comparison: If you are a writer and you go to the book fair, there are so many books already, it can make you feel unnecessary. But then you go and open one, and read a little, and you think that you can try to do it too.

What are your plans this evening?
I believe we’re headed to the T Magazine party.

[lead image from the Moustache website]

Jordan Kushins


Jordan Kushins is happiest when crafting but also enjoys drinking tea, swimming in outdoor pools, and Singin' in the Rain, and once baked a very large cake that was shaped like a hamburger.

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