Friday Finds 9.10.2010
Published by Dwell

Oh wow. Click on through to check out this series of 20 images that capture moments we just can't catch with our own two eyes. From circus acrobatics to bullets through apples and balloons, these are absolutely amazing, and show how much action and movement goes on in this world that we couldn't even notice if we tried. They were taken by MIT professor Harold Edgerton, who used a type of strobe photography to get this wide range of motion. Neato. Via bumbumbum

Jaime: Hipster Puppies

A handful of us here at Dwell are what you could fairly call 'dog-obsessed.' Including yours truly. So I was delighted when a friend sent me this hilarious link to Hipster Puppies, a Tumblr site with photos of accessorized dogs (sunglasses, hoodies) with captions like 'eegor has mixed feelings about wes anderson and made a flowchart to prove it' and 'merle spent three hours compiling an iphone playlist for a bbq where he wasn’t even in charge of music.'

Michele: Globe Genie

For armchair travelers in need of a virtual getaway, Joe McMichael's Globe Genie selects random destinations to visit through the magic of the Internetz and Google Street View. You can customize by continent or continents (though there's no South America or Antarctica), but the rest is up to the magical Genie's shuffling lamp. Just today alone I've been to Norbotten, Sweden; Ada, Oklahoma; Miyagi, Japan; and Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Aaron: Alain Delorme

This week my web favorite goes to the series of photos called Totems by Alain Delorme. They focus on workers in China who pile their bicycles high with all manner of goods. The images themselves are incredible, and the variety of good to be toted around range from lovely flowers to a mountain of office chairs. Wonderful and strange.

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