Friday Finds 7.16.2010

Aaron: #32487">Wallpaper Slideshow: Men's Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Show Venues

I'm not totally sold on J Mayer H's playful monoliths for the recent Calvin Klein show in Berlin, but I was rather taken with this slideshow from Wallpaper of other venues in recent menswear shows. Have a look at the spaces before they're populated by the fashion set and really see them as stages. As ever, Thom Browne carries the day. I loved his setting of his Gamme Bleu line for Moncler in a velodrome, and then actually having the models cycle around. And his set up/send up at the Oscar Niemeyer-designed Communist Party headquarters in Paris suggests a rather haute brand of Franco-American amity, though one wonders how many workers of the world will need to unite to afford one of his suits.

Amanda: Piknik Color

I have to admit, I spent waaaaay too long on this site, moving my cursor around in order to manipulate subtle variations of hues. It was strangely calming—digital color therapy.

Jaime: Fast Company's 2010 Idea awards

Perhaps I am a little late to the game, but I just spent some time clicking around Fast Company's 2010 Idea awards, which were announced last month. There are some fascinating projects in there. Of particular interest: specially designed Parkour shoes, built to withstand the demands of scaling concrete walls, a humane (and surprisingly good-looking) mouse trap designed by industrial design students in India; and an urban graphic design project that transformed a Sao Paolo neighborhood with a coat of paint(s).

Jordan: Fun With Twigs

I get a little z-z-z-zing of excitement when I see a crafty project I want to take on—especially when it's something that requires a minimal amount of materials and prep so I can get cracking quickly—and I'm loving the super simple concept of twig wrapping. I have a collection of wooden bud vases that my grandpa made many, many years ago, and each one would fit a few small sticks with these banded bursts of color. I will be giving this a go pretty much as soon as humanly possible.

Kathryn: Luke Archer's Bike Polo Rules

This week I'm delighted by the work of recent Bath BA-grad, Luke Archer. Our friends at It's Nice That have a brief interview with him and highlight a few of his portfolio pieces, but the real juice is on his site. I'm especially fond of Indoors & Outdoors, documenting the houses he discovered on his tour of SF and the Mojave (much as I hate imbalanced caps / small caps, especially more when italicized, the booklet and his documentation are inspiring), and Bike Polo Rules, where he's explained the sport in text as well as image, and presented it with exceptional creativity (the tiny palm-of-your-hand finished piece unfolds to full bike wheel size: lovely touch). Cheers Luke, and all the best for your MA at ECAL. Do drop by when you're in SF next!

Miyoko: Over It

If you like type—and here at Dwell, we're fanatical about it—a new show in Portland, Oregon, called Over It is not to be missed. A collaboration of 18 artists, the exhibition features more than 14 miles of string in shades of red, blue, and yellow strung from a center point near the ceiling and affixed to three walls, with the help of 2,500 eyelet screws, to create a word on each surface. The installation opened July 8 and is on view until July 28. Don't miss it.

Sam: BLDG BLOG - Offshore Oil Strike!

During his residency at the Canadian Center for Architecture, our friend over at BLDG BLOG, Geoff Manaugh, turned up this extraordinary item in the museum's archives, the 1970 board game BP Offshore Oil Strike. With hazard cards that read "Fire breaks out. Pay $2,500,000 for repairs" and "Blow-Out! Rig Damaged. Oil Slick Clean-Up costs. Pay $1,000,000" it's a better parody of the current BP disaster than anything present day sarcastically-minded internet denizens could have come up with. Maybe next week he'll turn up Helmand Hellstorm! a 1982 Russian board game about Afghanistan insurgents.

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