Friday Finds 5.7.2010

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As the week winds down, we greet the weekend with our favorite clicks of the past few days. Among our favorite Internet finds: vertical garden inspiration, a tip-of-the-hat to Bike to Work Day, and stylish stylish socks.

Aaron: Happy Socks

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They don't come out until May 21st, but I'm quite enamored of the latest designs from the stylish and affordable purveyor of Swedish hose, Happy Socks. This handful of designs celebrates the World Cup by letting you fly your favorite nation's colors from calf to toe. Unfortunately neither Sweden nor the good old US of A is represented here (Sweden failed to qualify, but hey, we Yankees made it!), so you'll have to make do with the likes of Brazil, Italy, Holland, France, host South Africa, England, Argentina, or Germany. Color-wise, I'd opt for the Dutch or the South Africans (above), though those Argentine stripes are pretty appealing themselves.

Alexis: Vertical Gardens

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This week the New York Times ran a great article about vertical gardens, something I have always been interested in.  After reading the piece, I found that the whole process might be harder than I thought to pull off in your home or apartment, you need to think about irrigation, light, humidity, protection for the wall, substrate, species selection, run-off, etc.  And even if you get all of this part down, it still might not succeed or last.  For now, I think I will spare my living room and just admire what others have done!

Miyoko: Bike to Work Day 2010

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, next Thursday is Bike to Work Day. The San Francisco Bike Coalition will set up 27 stations throughout the city equipped with snacks, coffee, and totes for cyclists as well as offer free basic maintenance, bike valeting downtown, and help figuring out your route if you're a newbie. Not in SF? Check out the League of American Bicyclist's Bike Month events page to find a ride near you.

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Jordan: Wind Knitting Factory

This is so damn clever. Merel Karhof, a product designer in London, was intrigued by the wind patterns in cul de sacs that she passed on the way from her home in Kensington Olympia to the Royal College of Art. They varied from the one-way gusts that swept through the main roads, and she decided to harness the natural energy to power something that would create a product. Through a series of experiments she created the neatest thing: a wind-powered knitting machine. Perched atop a balcony, the airstream-powered gears turn to make a long stretch of material which can be tied off to make individual scarves. Check out the videos of the cool contraption in action. via Design Vagabond


Amanda: Square America

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I've logged a good deal of my down-time noodling around this site, which is dedicated to preserving and displaying vintage photographs and short, jotted notes. The editor of the site, who lives in Chicago, digs through scores of boxes at flea markets and buys images online. I also really appreciate the fact that the shots are never cropped, and since most of the images were purchased loose, there isn't much contextual you find yourself making up your own backstory. It's a treasure trove of spooky ephemera.

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