Friday Finds 4.23.2010
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Designer Michael Tyznik's conception for a new $20 bill.

Designer Michael Tyznik's conception for a new $20 bill.

American currency has often be criticized for lack of color as well as for its design, though I'm not convinced the new $100 bill, unveiled Wednesday, was the way to go. The Dollar ReDe$ign Project asks anyone and everyone to submit their ideas for U.S. bank note redesigns. The submission range from crayon drawings to eye-catching, professional renderings, but the work of Michael Tyznik (which was pointed out to me by Holiday Matinee founder Dave Brown via Twitter) stands out in the crowd. the simple design uses the green color and images of past presidents that we're accustomed to but adds flashes of color and new patterns to the bills. It's a happy balance between existing American money and what is often referred to as colorful "funny money."

See Through - All My Things /white/, 2004, C-type Print, 30" x 36". By Helga Steppan

Aaron: All My Things Series from Helga Steppan

Swedish photographer Helga Steppan organized her possessions according to color for these compositions. I love how fake it all looks despite the fact that it's all real. Amazing what a little monochrome can do!

Amanda: Online Gallery of Czech Graphic Design

I really admire the patient dedication of Will, the amazing editor behind A Journey Round My Skull. He logs countless hours online scouring the digital stacks of Czech and Slovak bookstores to find compelling imagery, which he then shares with his many readers. The ongoing work is truly a labor of love. He's always looking to identify the mostly anonymous designers as well, so head over and see if there's work that you recognize.

Fida: Chairless by Vitra

Earlier this week Dwell's creative director, Kyle Blue, tweeted about a new product from Vitra called Chairless. It's made from a strap of fabric that you wrap around your body to hold you in a sitting position while on the floor. Vitra calls it "a seating device for the modern nomad." After establishing that it was in fact not a joke, now I kinda want one. 

Jordan: Field Notes from the Salone del Mobile

Fueled by Coffee did a great set of illustrations from last week's epic Milan adventures (on-site from an iPad, natch). It's tough to convey the scale of the city-wide design extravaganza, but these are a cool collection that manage to capture the spirit of the scene really well.

Alexis: My Tree and Me

I’ve always found genealogy to be really interesting, and family trees are just a cool idea.  So when I recently stumbled upon the site My Tree and Me by Vermont designer Jen O’Neill, I was thrilled to see a new, modern take on the family tree. These custom giclee prints on watercolor paper would make a great addition to a baby room or family wall, and it would encourage you to do some major digging into your family’s past!

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