Friday Finds 10.1.2010
Published by Dwell

Jaime: Artist Andy Denzler

I love these paintings by Zurich–based artist Andy Denzler—they make me think of views through rain-streaked train windows. I'm curious about his technique—does he paint photo-realistically and then streak things up with a palette knife? Would love to see one of these pieces in person.

Amy: Stuff You Should Know podcast

Although it's been around since 2008, and I really should have heard about it by now, the "Stuff You Should Know" podcast is brand-spanking-new to me. I have spent this week getting educated about things such as fluoride in drinking water, how deja vu works, and what the heck a hiccup is. Josh and Chuck, the hosts, are making me smarter by the day. At this rate, in a few weeks, I'll understand quantum physics.

Miyoko: Young Me/NowMe

This week, thanks to Swiss-Miss, I paged through post after post of Young Me/Now Me. The site features pairs of photos submitted by readers: one from when the reader was young and a second from today recreated to look like the former. The photos are sweet, silly, humorous, awkward, and just a whole lot of fun to look at. Enjoy.

Aaron: Objects in Space

Every so often I go on a Tumblr jag, submitting to all those photos and all that white space. One that's caught my eye of late is Objects in Space, an unadorned photo page dedicated to interiors. Some of it runs a little more vintage/old-timey than what you'll see in Dwell, but the throughline is a strong sense of composition and a generally muted palette. Nice stuff reblogged from all over, but I'd wager there's something here that will spark your imagination.



Amanda: How Ink Is Made

I really enjoyed this lovely little video featuring a behind-the-scenes look at the wonderful world of ink making by Peter Welfare, a—what else?—master ink maker. Beautifully shot and very informative peek at the process, though I found the accompanying music to be an odd choice.

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