Four Best Jabra VoIP Telephone Headsets

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Four Best Jabra VoIP Telephone Headsets

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) brings so many advantages to our life. Back then, we can only use the landline or our cellphone to make a phone call. But thanks to VoIP technology, we can now use computer and internet connection to make a call. There are so many advantages of VoIP, but one of the best is definitely the fact that it costs very low. PC to PC call is absolutely free and you can freely make international phone call without having to worry about the cost. You can even make a call from your PC to a regular landline. It is not free, but still much cheaper compared to traditional phone call.

 To take full advantage of VoIP, you will need to use USB headsets. This type of headset comes in various forms. You can choose between monaural, binaural and also wireless headset with Bluetooth DECT connection. No matter which type you choose, you need to choose products from the best brand so you can use the headset for a very long time. And when it comes to quality headsets, Jabra is definitely the answer. Here are some of the best JabraVoIP headsets that you can choose.

 Jabra UC Voice 750

 This headset is widely used by customer service representatives due to its simplicity and comfort. The head-band wearing style and the large Leatherette ear cushions will make you feel comfortable even if you need to wear the headset all day. Furthermore, the boom arm is really flexible so you can easily position it to your liking. One of thebest features that come with this product is definitely the PeakStop protection. This internal EQ system will recognize sudden sound spikes and then suppress it to prevent inconvenience and most importantly, hearing damage. It also has noise-cancelling microphone that will improve sound clarity.

 Jabra Pro 930

 If the best VoIP telephone headsets with wireless connectivity are the product you need, you will really love Jabra Pro 930. This is perfect for mobile workers who cannot stay at their desk all the time. Thanks to its incredible wireless system, you can freely make a phone call up to 120 meters (350 feet) away from your station. It comes with both DECT and Bluetooth connection. DECT is cheaper but you can only make calls from your computer or desk phone. But if you opt for the pricier model with Bluetooth, you can even make a connection to mobile devices. The talk time is limited to 8 hours. We have seen some products with better battery life but 8 hours is definitely not bad. 

Jabra UC Voice 550 

UC Voice 550 has everything you could ask for from a headset. Starting from the design, it is very slim and light even though the leatherette ear pads are pretty large. Furthermore, even though the mic boom is made of plastic, it is very durable and flexible. As a result, you can easily adjust its position in front of your lips and flip it to other directions when you are not talking. This is definitely the headphone you won’t mind to use during a long shift. Furthermore, it also ensures the best audio quality thanks to its HD Voice feature. This way, you will not miss anything the customers say. 

Jabra Biz 2400 II 

Jabra Biz 2400 is such a popular model and this is the continuation of all that’s glory from the first model. It has everything we love from Biz 2400 but with some improvements. The ultra noise cancellation microphone works even better in not only reducing, but also eliminating background noise. Furthermore, it also comes with larger ear cushions but it is almost 50% lighter than other products in the market. 

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