Five Simple Ways To Protect Your Tankless Water Heater

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By Awais Ahmed / Published by Awais Ahmed
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With chilly breeze gushing inside your houses, it is a challenging task to stand under cold shower. This is where water heaters come for your service. Ongoing development has resulted into production of tankless water heaters. These water heaters do not have a tank. Tankless water heaters are in great demand these days because of its advantage over tank water heaters. Here are some of them listed: 1-Tankless water heaters are energy efficient. They only function when you need hot water. Mechanism is such that maximum energy is conserved. 2-They are reliable. It delivers continuous supply of hot water. They never get short of water. 3-They can be installed anywhere in the house due to its dense and small size. They are even more durable than conventional tanks with longer life expectancy. 4-They are safe and secure. They operate only when you are in need of hot water maximizing safety.

With emphasis growing on energy conservation, so is growing the market for tankless water heaters. People are interested in economical and eco-friendly features to install in their house. So choosing the right heaters might be a confusing task. This website will guide you through this confusion. However, once a water tanker is installed, it might be a difficult task for some to maintain and take care of it. One of the main threats is posed by hard water. Following are some of the ways mentioned to protect your tankless water heaters:

Call a plumber if water starts to smell

Immediately contact a plumber if the water delivered by water system turns out to be smelly. This is an indication that some of the parts of the heater might be damaged. Get it repaired as soon as you sense something smelly. 

Flushing your tankless water heater 

Flush your tankless water heater. In this process the rock is removed from copper. When the temperature is risen so much, it can burn holes in the copper used in heaters. During flushing process the holes is exposed making a leak in heat exchangers. Copper might dwindle in this process. This acts as a solution when a problem is occurred. 

Install scale prevention shield 

This solution is not a new one and has been opted in other industries using tankless applications. It basically is a filter preventing hardness to attach to heat exchangers. It will also help to prevent sand depositing in shower heads.  

Install water softeners

As mentioned above, main problem faced by tankless water heaters is hard water. Water softeners will help to eliminate all the hardness resolving the issue in the first place. All aspects of your bathroom will be positively affected. 

Take help of expertise 

Annual maintenance is necessary for the heater to remain in a good condition. Like other machineries, tankless water heaters can also face fault unfortunately. Take help of expertise like plumbers to keep the machine in order to maintain the heating system and ultimately get cleaner and warmer water.