Five Simple Steps To Install Barn Doors

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By Awais Ahmed / Published by Awais Ahmed
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Who does not want their house to look alluring? Innovation is at its peak and market is filled up with new ideas to decorate every segment of your house. People these days do not compromise when it comes about adornment of their houses. Everyone wants a visually appealing dwelling, from walls to ceilings. One important aspect that enhances the beauty if installed in a correct manner is doors.

Variety of doors of different mechanisms, materials, textures and designs are available in the market. Sliding barn doors are one of them that are often used in interior spaces. They have gradually become popular and are a trend now. Below are some of the ways in which you can use sliding barn doors to make your house look more attractive: 

-Barn doors are available in number of textures. You can use either modern or traditional textures whatever set in perfectly with your room’s theme. Wooden barn doors can be used to add coziness. 

-Barn doors would be a space-efficient option. 

-Kids find sliding doors enjoyable. So you can install barn door in their rooms using a colorful theme. 

-You can even creatively add barn doors to your social area. Books collection can be hidden using barn doors. 

-Small work areas can be separated using barn doors. Large sliding barn doors can be used as a space divider between two rooms.  

There are other numerous ways in which you can adorn your house using barn doors. However the important question to ask is how to install them? When you purchase a barn door, you might get an instruction manual. Nevertheless below are five simple steps mentioned that will guide you through installation of it once you buy the necessary hardware required:

1-Measure and attach the mount board 

This will secure the track to the wall. Cut two slabs of mounting boards with the length same as boards and about 1 inch wider than track. Once done, with the help of drywall anchors, spacers and lag bolts attach the mounting board. Make sure the mounting boards go straight along the doorway. 

2-Cut the tracks 

Attach the tracks with the brackets. Tracks must be the size of the section your door will slide. Tracks should be twice the width of the door so you can slide two doors together. However if there is only one door, track should as wide as door. 

3-Drill holes in track 

Measure the holes and drill it in the steel track. Wear goggles to ensure maximum safety. 

4-Install the tracks 

Drill through the holes on the track in the mounting boards. Use spacers and bolts to install the track. Make sure the track is set on level. 

5-Secure hanger rollers and hang the door 

Complying with the manufacturer’s instructions, secure the hanging rollers. Tightly attach the washers and bolts. With the help of a person secure bottom rollers and mount the door. Once installed, test the door by sliding them back and forth a number of times.  

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