Five Petite Modern Freestanding Bathtubs

Five Petite Modern Freestanding Bathtubs

By Aquatica Bath / Published by Aquatica Bath
Small space living can present challenges for those who enjoy a luxurious soak. Thankfully, there is now an increasing selection of thoughtfully designed modern freestanding bathtubs for even the most compact space.

Below is a round-up of 5 modern freestanding bathtubs to suit various design aesthetics, budgets and material preferences. 

  1. Lullaby Nano: 51" oval solid surface bathtub 

Lullaby Nano is Aquatica’s take on creating a small deep bathtub that is ideal for a space conscious bathroom while providing that much loved modern freestanding design. Standing at just over 51" in length, this chic pill-shaped tub has an extra deep ergonomically designed interior to ensure you enjoy a full-body soak. Crafted from Aquatica's technologically advanced AquateX™ solid surface material, Lullaby Nano offers a velvety soft matte surface and superior heat-retention and durability.

2. PureScape 720: 53" round solid surface bathtub

PureScape 720 is a minimalistic, freestanding, bowl-shaped tub, which has been hand crafted in Italy using Aquatica’s technologically advanced AquateX™ solid surface material. Its soft, velvety surface juxtaposes the material's unparalleled heat retention and durability. With a petite footprint of 53.25" in diameter, PureScape 720 is considerately designed for even the most compact of spaces.

3. True Ofuro™ Mini: 43" Japanese deep soaking solid surface bathtub

Aquatica’s True Ofuro Mini Japanese soaking tub was designed in response to customers' requests for an even smaller version of True Ofuro soaker tub! This modern interpretation of an ancient Japanese bathing tradition is crafted in Italy from the brand's signature AquateX™ solid surface material. Its space-conscious footprint of 43" x 43" (1090mm x1090mm) makes it an ideal option for condos and small bathrooms, while its tall design provides a deep, full-body soak. True Ofuro Mini features a slightly elevated rim for improved neck and head support, as well as an ergonomic built in seat, allowing the body to be comfortably emerged to maximum water capacity. Optional teak wood step available for easier access into the tub.

4. PureScape 327B: 55" rectangular acrylic bathtub

With a small footprint of 55" long by 30" wide, Purescape 327B freestanding acrylic bathtub has an ergonomically designed deep interior, which ensures a comfortable full-body soak. The modern, clean-lines are softened by rounded corners, providing design flexibility for any bathroom aesthetic.

5. Lullaby Mini: 55" Black & White solid surface bathtub

Designed for compact spaces, Lullaby Mini stands at just 55" long yet despite its small footprint, provides a luxurious full-body soak. Crafted from Aquatica's signature AquateX™ solid surface material, the matte surface is velvety soft to the touch while exceptionally durable in nature with superior heat retention. The two tone black exterior/white interior is applied with a special oven-baking technique that forms a scratch-resistant surface bonding.

We hope our round-up has provided inspiration for your current or upcoming compact bathroom renovation: a beautiful bathing solution does exist!


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