Fine Finnish: Kitchen

“I like to look at the patterns and colors of dishes,” Susanna says, explaining why she opted for open shelving from the Swedish brand String. “We have minimized the stuff we own, so all of our pans and plates fit on the shelves. Since we use them ev-ery day, they don’t have time to gather dust.”

Fine Finnish

In the kitchen of this tightly-packed apartment in Helsinki, Finland, Susanna and Jussi tore down the ceiling and wall cabinets with the help of Jussi’s father, a skilled craftsman. “Behind the cabinets we found lovely little nooks that work perfectly as shelves for things like salt and pepper mills. When you strip everything to its original state, you are able to see what the house is truly about.”

Photo by: Petra Bindel

The minimalist black-and-white palette is both practical and good-looking: “It makes it easy to add accent colors, like petrol blue, and also makes the apartment’s architectural details—–such as the original doors and deep window ledges—–more prominent.”

Because the remaining cabinets will soon be ripped out for a plumbing upgrade, Susanna devised an inexpensive way to jazz up the MDF units in the meantime: “We painted them white and covered them with triangles cut from black contact paper. It’s an easy way to change the look of kitchen cabinets if you’re renting—–when you move out, you can just peel up the tape without leaving a trace.”

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