Feel the Weight of the Henge Gravitas Dock

Henge·Docks is known for making beautiful, minimal, and sturdy Apple accessories...
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...and the Gravitas Dock is no exception.

The Gravitas is very aptly named because it is the word that frequently comes to mind when I've tried thinking about how to talk about this iconic product.

The thing that stands out most about the Gravitas is its' excessive heft.

To quote from the Gravitas page, the dock is:

Composed of a sturdy zinc alloy that is 265% more dense than aluminum...

If the word excessive sounds like a bad thing, it's not. If 265% more dense than alum sounds over-done, it's truly not in the slightest.

When mounting your phone to your desk and grabbing it on the go, there is nothing worse than reaching for your phone only to find a tangle of dock and cords to come along for the ride. This is the common issue with docking solutions that aren't designed and executed well.

Beyond the rugged construction, the Gravitas is treated with a really nice anodized coating that matches the look and aesthetic of the Apple product line that we have all come to know and love.

The black plastic inserts allow you to scale the dock to fit most iPhone and iPad sizes. I left it on the iPad insert so I could quickly swap out my phone and tablet as I needed. For me flexibility won out over having a perfect, device-matched fit.

* * *

If you are looking for a dock that is beautiful, sturdy, and built to last, then the Gravitas is one to seriously consider adding to your collection.

Pick one up today.



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