Facts About Concrete Diamond Drilling - And Why They Matter

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By Simon
Diamond is the toughest material the Mother Nature has provided us for centuries now. And thanks to its unmatched hardness, diamonds have been long used in the manufacturing of cutting and drilling equipment that need to be used for challenging industrial jobs. Diamond drilling tools are commonly used to cut through any hard material easily and effortlessly.

The ABCs Of Concrete Diamond Drilling

Diamond drilling technique has been used by the mining industry to dig up minerals by performing excavation. On top of all, the drilling technique has many uses in the construction sector too. For example, diamond drilling is used to make openings for HVAC fitting or other installations, deconstruct old structures, makes holes of different diameters, etc.

In addition to plain concrete, diamond drills can also briskly cut heavily reinforced concrete, brickwork frameworks, rebar and other hard structures. Not only the technique is more efficient other traditional techniques, but it is also the most cost-effective method of drilling hard structures and excavating grounds.

What’s more, concrete diamond drilling is also considered the most effective surface cleaning technique. The diamond drilling process produces minimal dust and debris. It is also a noise-free drilling technique. More interestingly, one won’t find the need of any kind of reinstatement work once the drilling is performed with this technique.

How Diamond Drilling Equipment Works

Diamond drilling equipment features diamond infused drill bits on the edge of a hollow shaft. While drilling operation is on, the shaft or the tube plays its role of pumping water to the diamond bits. Here, water not only helps prevent overheating of diamond bits but also serve the purpose of lubrication.

The debris produced during drilling operation can be collected through the hollow shaft using a suction tool. In the marketplace, you will find diamond drilling machines with mainly two types of diamond drill bits – coated diamond bits and bonded diamond bits.

The former one only single later of infused diamond bits while the later one has multiple layers of diamond bits. Now you know why diamond drills with bonded diamond bits are quite more expensive than drills with coated bits.Besides, drills with bonded bits offer more resilience and longer lifespan.

You will find diamond drill bits in a wide range of diameters and in many different shapes in the marketplace. However, there are mainly two types of tips: hollow core drill bits and solid tip drill bits. Also called hole saws, the hollow core drills are used to form a hole or opening via grinding and sawing. In these drills, the diamond bits are mounted alongside the edge of the bit tip.

The solid tip drills have diamond bits infused on the sides and on the tip. They are more suitable for jobs where the hole needs to be created in the same diameter as of the tip.

The core drills perform faster drilling than solid tip drills. They are mainly used to drill large holes in limestone, ceramic, marble, stained glass, slate, granite and many other hard materials.

The Main Advantages Of Choosing Diamond Drilling

Diamond drills are versatile and powerful equipment. The diamond drilling technique offers a whole bunch of advantages over other traditional drilling options. Want to know what are they? Keep reading.

  • Minimal Noise : In comparison to other concrete drilling techniques, concrete diamond drilling technique produces very little noise. When drilling is needed in heavy traffic area, diamond drilling technique is a perfect choice to ensure quality work in noise-free manner.
  • Less Dust : As water is constantly supplied to the cutting edge of the diamond drilling equipment, very little dust is produced during the drilling operation. Diamond drilling is the cleanest and most environment-friendly drilling technique. A drill for every
  • Size And Shape : It is really impossible for any other drilling and sawing equipment to match the versatility of diamond drilling equipment. Drill bits are available in a wide pool of sizes, so you can easily find the one that best fit your project specifications. As you are able to find exact size of drill bits, you are assured of most precise drilling results.
  • Faster Yet More Effective : Diamond drilling ensures unmatched efficiency and speed to your concrete drilling project. Professional diamond drilling specialists have the right skills and experience to handle any complex drilling project with great accuracy and ease.
  • Remote Drilling : Yes, diamond drilling operation can be performed from a remote distance and thus ensure more safe work environment for the drilling technicians.
  • Affordable Drilling : Considering its faster drilling capacity and higher accuracy, diamond drilling turns out to be very cost-effective technique than other drilling methods.

Get in touch with a diamond drilling specialist with decades of experience to learn more about the benefits and applications of diamond drilling in the construction industry.