Essay Writing Tips: How to Write a Perfect Essay

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By Arefin Rabby / Published by Arefin Rabby
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Six years ago I wrote my first essay paper. Today I have written over five thesis paper and defended each and every one of them. Through these years if there is something that I have quite learnt is that essay writing is not as easy as anyone would think. In order to have a great essay paper, you must man up with some of the best essay writing tips from the most experienced experts.

For starters, you must learn to coin a great title. A great title should be targeted, well researched, short, and direct to the point. Whenever I wanted to coin a great title for my thesis, I would narrow down on a topic of interest. Once done, I would coin a precise title that highlighted my title. Additionally I would wrap up the whole title with a narrow or more direct area of research.

While this one worked for me, I also developed the culture of writing in short paragraphs. Often whenever my paragraphs were long, I would easily drift away from the main point and eventually lose the meaning of the whole intention. Because of this, I taught myself how to write in sizable paragraphs as they were easy to follow, manage, keep on point, and focus to the aims of the paper.

Again, one thing that many people would easily brush off and which has worked for me quite a lot is the ability to research my topic. If I had coined the perfect "title" I would research that title to find out who has previously talked about it, what angle did they approach the topic from, what was their citations and references, and above all how did the outline of the essay paper flow?

Additionally, I have always proofread my work. Indeed many essay papers especially research papers and thesis will consume up to 60 pages or slightly more. Depending on its length there isn’t any doubt that you could easily make a mistake such as construct sentences poorly or have grammatical errors. Proofreading your work helps you to correct these mistakes. But to make the job extremely easy I often buy essays online.

But that’s not enough. Many at times I also found a partner to work with on my essays. As a matter of fact, finding a partner gave me an additional outlook on my project. I could easily find new perspectives, opinions, and ideas thus giving my work a complete view. Partners are also good when it comes to counterchecking your work and possibly weeding off any forms of mistakes.

Finally another trick that has worked wonders for me is buying essays. I always buy essays online from the experts. Experts will create a topic, research on the topic, prepare the essay, and countercheck it for any mistakes before selling it to you. To get the best experts you can always look at their references, reviews, ratings, ask loved ones, or interview the experts on any concerns.


If you must write the best essay papers you must work with the experts. Finding the best experts might seem really costly but it is a great option when you dedicate you time, money, and energy.Getting the best paper means making sacrifices where necessary. My advice to you is make the best decisions and ask for a working partner to make your work simpler and pretty ideal too.