Esquivel Shoes

It was his recent film, The Sounds of Shoemaking, that first caught my eye:


This led to my discovery that he's responsible for those adorable spectators seen on the feet of pint-sized pop star Janelle Monae. And then a few weeks back in NYC, the designer debuted his new collection, inspired by Frank Gehry. Yes, Gehry-inspired shoes.

The results are fun and they do capture Gehry's energy. "I'm inspired by the way he uses metallic surfaces, and concave and convex forms. Yet everything has such cohesion," Esquivel says. "I tried to incorporate as much of that criteria into this collection as possible.  Finding the similarities was simple, holes were used for ventilation, leathers were twisted to create a form that was unique and colors were used to reflect light."

Architecture for your feet.


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