Trees, Shrubs, Front Yard, Small Patio, Porch, Deck, Vertical Fences, Wall, Wood Fences, Wall, Exterior, House Building Type, Metal Siding Material, Metal Roof Material, and Cabin Building Type On Waiheke Island near Auckland, New Zealand, the Tent House sits among wetlands on a patch of undeveloped land. It captures the back-to-basics simplicity of camping, thanks to architect Chris Tate.  
Though he originally created the cabin to be a personal retreat/studio, Tate ended up experimenting with the design in order to challenge conventional expectations of what makes an ideal weekend escape. Now available for short-term rental, the one-bedroom, one-bathroom, 753-square-foot home includes a sleeping area on the mezzanine, a fully functional kitchen, an open-plan living area, and a front deck designed to  Photo 1 of 8 in Stay in a Tent-Inspired A-Frame Cabin in the New Zealand Rain Forest